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Homemade Pancake syrup


Today I was in the mood for French Toast…so what’s the problem you say?  Well I don’t have any pancake syrup! It’s on my list of things to buy at the grocery, when I go.. but the weather is soooo cold outside and I am stuff inside the last four days with this cold and cough.. but, I still have a hankering for French what is a girl to do?

Well…everytime I eat french toast, or pancakes.. I am taken back to my youth… when dad was cooking breakfast and we had NO syrup ..he made his own.. he grew up with homemade pancake syrup his mother made…from a recipe her mother made.. and now I am proud to say…I make and can! Now I can share my delious pancake syrup with those I love..thanks to my dad…who has passed…and I miss dearly…thank you Dad…I love you…

Pancake syrup that you make yourself is really easy peasy… and very tasty…in a pinch I made it ofter as a young mother.. but never made a large amount, nor tried to can it..that is until, today…


8 cups of sugar

2 cups brown sugar

3/4 cup of honey or  Agave syrup

4 Cups water

2 Tab Real Vanilla

2 Tab Maple flavoring

pinch of salt ( if desired)

Place sugars and water into a heavy duty pot. Over low heat stirring constantly. Once sugar has disolved place lid on pot and let simmer for 4-5 not remove the lid..leave it alone(this will help with cystalization in the processed jars..even if it does crystalize don’t worry it does not hurt the finished product..just stir once you open the jar..)

Next, take off the lid..and stir ..let simmer for 15-20 minutes…remove from this point you can put into your sterlize jars..seal and water pack for 15 minutes..or the syrup is ready to use and you can put into your old pancake syrup jar..or other convente container and place in the frig..

* Option two: Instead of using the white can replace that completely with Agava syrup or honey..continue with the rest of the ingredients and directions.

I hope you enjoy providing homemade pancake syrup with you family…and make it a family tradition on a lazy Snow day…or other day worthy of pancakes and french toast!



* NOTE: If you do not have Agava syrup or honey , you do not have to add this. I think it helps it to pour more’s up to you.






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