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General Tso Tostada


I love a good Tostada!!! Love them!!! I had bought a bag of already prepared Tostada shells…they are 2 WW points each.. I don’t mind that point count. I feel that I get alot of FLAVOR for my buck…and the one thing that I really like about Tostada’s is I can pile on all the goodness that I want! No I can’t pile everything I’d like..I am reasonable with my choices..being careful to try and keep those added items…at almost all “ZERO” points!
here are a list of toppings you might enjoy
Sliced black olives 0
Shredded Lettuce 0
Diced Tomato 0
diced onion 0
Salsa 0
chopped mango 0
diced mushroom 0
diced green pepper 0
diced red peppers 0
Diced Broccoli 0
Diced Cabbage 0
shredded carrots 0
diced celery 0
black beans 1/4 cup 1
shredded cheese 1 oz 1
Greek sour cream 1 Tab 1
General Tso TostadaGeneral Tso sauce 1 TAB = 1

olive oil 1 TAB B

3 oz stir fry beef 3
3 oz stir fry chicken 3
I took one tab of olive oil and heated it in my wok…once it was sizzling hot I add the onions, green peppers and mushrooms….stir frying for a few minutes.
leaving them crunchy! Then I pushed the veggies up the side..and added the meat…cooking until done..again pushing it up the side I added four Tab General Tso sauce..and slowly pulled down all of the meat and veggies from the side…mixing well…

I put 1 1/2 oz of meat on each tostada shell….
then a heaping spoonfull of veggies…to this I add shredded lettuce..and one sliced black olive..and a couple tab of salsa..


This was so tasty I wanted more and at only 4 points each.. I could have another if I wanted!! But I decided to have a dessert instead…greek yogurt and fresh berries…yum!
I hope you enjoy this as much as I did…


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