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roasted1 I live in North Carolina..beautiful North Carolina..I am orginally from Ohio..the Buckeye state.. I moved to NC when I was 19..and have lived here most of my adult life…I love the climate here.. I hate cold and snow..and ice..
I love NC.. we don’t get snow…usually …how ever we moved to the North East, upper side of NC..from the coast..and we are getting SNOW is falling now… we have had warning of the coming of this white stuff for a day or so now.. I went to the grocery did 4,000 other people..who for some reason skipped out of work today to all go to Wally world!
I have a wonderful pot of homemade vegetable soup going in the crockpot..for tomorrow..but I was hungry now..but didn’t want anything too heavy? Some reason meat didn’t sound good to me it normally does..
I looked outside to see the snow start falling..and for some odd reason.. vegetables is what I crave…so what better way to get my vegetables in than to roast some!!
After all I have a Sam’s Club size bag of baby carrots in my frig..and I need to eat them up.. and I was just thinking today.. I am not getting enough veggies in my diet..
so off to the kitchen to show off my cutting skills…and whip up a pan of vegetables to roast…so easy..yet sooooo good!
I chopped up some carrots…plablano peppers and two small potatoes…add Two Tablespoons of Olive Oil…and roasted at 400 degrees
45 minutes later..roasted goodness and only 3 WW points per 1 cup of veggies!!!

Go to the frig..get some veggies and get choppin!!!


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