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Weight Watchers 5 points..Stuffed Pepper taco soup!

I know..the names sounds crazy..but yesterday I was making up some cabbage rolls..and had tons of meat and rice mixture left over..I was going to make Taco soup…and thought..hummm…lets see what I can do with this..
taco10So into the crockpot went the hamburer rice mixture ( I had browned minced garlic..and chopped onions..can of chopped green chilies.taco13.with lean ground beef..taco12.and cooked one cup of rice in a rice cooker…)taco11
to that I added 4 1/2 cups chicken broth,taco8 one can of corn, one can of black bean, taco7 one can of diced tomatoes…three heaping.. tablespoons of taco seasoning…mix with a wooden spoon..taco3 cook in the cockpot on low and leave it..actually we sneaked a taste ( once it was all hot) since it was all ready all cooked…AND IT WAS SOOO GOOD! But I let it cook over night.taco1 .and this morning I had a small bowl for breakfast! I was in heaven!!! Today has been the coldest day of the year here in Carolina..minus -1~ This soup is hearty! And delicious!!! And Easy Peasy to make..! I hope you like it as much as we did!!!


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