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Canning storage


Last summer with a garden overflowing with fresh vegetables.. I learned to can..! Now in the dead of winter..we are enjoying the taste of summer…in each jar that we open…I have turned into a canning “geek” of sorts…and I can anything I can get my hands on..

Which brought a issue to our home.. canning storage….I have cans stored everywhere! But I wanted them in one place.. but I don’t have a large wall space to do this..but I follow the blog Old World Garden Farms…and they came up with this plan….for canning storage…it is wonderful!!!

And you can have it to! They sell the plans to make it on Esty….here is the link…
the best $9.95 you will ever spend!!!
and while your at it…take the time to go to their web site…we just fell in love with it!

IF you ever wanted to learn about gardening…canning..farming..and lots of DIY projects..this is the place to go…! Tell them Beverly Sent you!


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