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Honey Sesame Chicken 8 WW points!!

honey26 Honey Sesame Chicken..only 8 WW points!

I love Honey Sesame Chicken but it can pack a punch if you order take out…( 20 WW points…) Almost a daily allowance of points for most of us!!!

So I decided to do “Take In” Honey Sesame Chicken ! And it was the BOMB!!! Even my “CHEF” son..thought it was a grand slam!!!

And it’s easy peasy as I always like to say!!! Anyone can do it!

WW Point break down.. per serving 8 ½
WW points.. this includes a ½ Cup portion of rice.

Seasoning 1 1/3 Tab 1 point
Honey 1/2 T 1 points
Sesame seeds 0 points
Chili flakes 0 points
Teriyaki sauce 1 T 1/2 point
Chicken 3 oz 3 points
Broccoli 0 points
Rice ½ Cup 2 1/2 points

Here is what I did…

honey5 I cut the chicken into bite size pieces…this allows it to cook quickly and is the key to making it tender…
marinade it in the teriyaki sauce for about 30 can skip this step if pressed for time..but I really think it makes a difference in taste…and tenderness…
While you are waiting.. cook your broccoli in the microwave..I use Sams Club Brand, Daily Chef.. it has been the best I have ever found!! Cook for four minutes..NOT THE FIVE it calls for!!! ( It will cook in the wok with the sauce and that will finish it off ..and be perfect!)
Next take three tab. of sesame seeds and toast them in a hot pan.. I don’t use oil..I just roast them right in the carefully…they brown very quickly! Set aside and let cool.
Next take the sauce packet and add ¼ cup water..4 Tab honey…and 1 Tab chili flakes… stir well..
I have a cast iron wok that I made it in..but you can use a large skillet if you don’t have one.. I set the heat on high and add the teriyaki sauce from the chicken in the pan..letting it get HOT..before I slowly add the chicken…letting it cook completely on one side before I turn it… I push the chicken up the side of the I add other chicken , turning in the same manner..when all of my chicken pieces are done I transfer it to a separate plate…
Next I add the broccoli to the sauce remaining in the pan..tossing to cover each piece..once each piece is covered..I remove from the pan..
Next I heat the sauce I have made up from the packet, water , honey and chili flakes, in the microwave for three minutes…after it is heated I add it to the empty pan..
then I add the cooked chicken pack into the hot sauce…
being careful to make sure each pieces is coated…again moving the covered pieces up the side of the wok pan…at this point I add the toasted sesame…honey26
To serve I place 1/2 cup steamed rice to the plate…adding 3 oz chicken portion with the sauce…and serving the steamed broccoli on the side of the plate..honey18
( and yes I have been known to weight it ..if I am not sure!)
I hope you enjoy this as much as we did!!!



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