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Daily Journal #2

Day #2 update…

Hot tea
Scrambled eggs 2

Hot Tea
1/2 Cup peaches\2 Kiwi sliced
Hot Tea
Protein Drink

Vegetable beef soup (1 cup)
3 OZ chuck eye steak
1/2 Cup mashed potatoes
Hot Tea

8 servings of water..

exercise.. 3 miles on the gazzell…
TIME: 31 minutes
Calories burnt: 363.15

FEELINGS: Lots of coughing today.. I am so sick of coughing!! Big snow and ice storm coming our way.. In this state..people go crazy over 2 inches..God help us if we get the 4-6inches and the ice.. hoping that we not lose power… lots of going to the bathroom today.. water ! Water ! Water~! Finding that evening is my hard time.. seems I get the urge to eat then! Gotta try and figure that one out! Looking forward to tomorrow!!!


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2 thoughts on “Daily Journal #2

  1. keepinitcleanblog on said:

    Keep up the good work, and hope you are feeling better soon!

    Especially if you’re drinking a lot of water, try having some vitamin C every 4 hours to keep your immune system strong! Vitamin C dissolves in water, so the more you drink, the faster it leaves your body.

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