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noYES! I speak the truth!! YOUR ELECTRONIC DEVISES ARE CAUSING YOUR WEIGHT GAIN!!! Believe me when I tell you this!!

We have got to put a stop to this..we have to stand our ground and take our life back!!! We can’t not just sit around and allow all of these devices to hinder our weight loss!!!

Think about it… our Cell phones.. so many of you are joined at the HIP with this device! Now think about.. remember the day when you were outside and heard the phone ring..and you sprinted into the house to grap the phone?? Or how about being in the basement or upstairs..and the phone would ring..we would run to grab that phone on the last ring…missing the caller…only to go back to where we were…for the phone to ring, again!!!

Or if you were out in the back fourty and someone would yell for you to come to the phone…we’d stop what we were doing and go to the phone…and then back out to where ever we were! Now to answer the only requires us to bend our arm..because it is attached at our matter what we are doing..we can quickly answer any call..heck we don’t even have to be at home!!

Not to mention our TV’s…yes they are making you gain weight too!!! After all once we setting into our seat…we are good to go! We don’t have to get up to change the channel…arm movement…that is all we have to more adjusting the rabbit ears on top..or going to the roof to move the antenna…all we have to do is sit..and click..

Do you have a computer.. Oh dear..your in trouble.. that is one of the biggest our weight gain.. we sit down at our desk at work..all day long.. maybe getting up to take a potty break now and again.. but we sit.. and sit…and sit.. we even have printers at our work we do not have to get up to get paperwork! God forbid! And if it wasn’t bad enough that we sit at work all day long working on our computers..we go home,sit down and check our emails..maybe check facebook…play some candy crush…maybe stroll along PINTERST…just for a little bit…and the next thing you know it..three or four hours have passed…

SO what is a person to do! Step away from the Electronic Devices!!! Put down that phone..find a place for it when you step in the door…and leave it there.. just like in the old days to the phone! And guess what..there is caller ID on the phone if you do happen to miss the call.. you can call them back! And you don’t need to text everyone…it can wait.. if it’s important call them!

Now when it comes to work…you have to be at your work station.. however you can exercise at your station..every chance you get.. do some arm raises.. leg stretches..even some knee bends! And ever 45 minutes to hour..get up..move around…park as far awar as you you can get exercise walking to and from the car..some people will even sit on a exercise ball instead of a chair..and move around on that..when you go to the some stretches.. do some leg bends..stretch out! MOVE IT! MOVE IT! MOVE IT!!…if possible print on a different printer ..just so you can get up and move it!!!

Now when you get home…don’t spend the evening on the computer…set a time limit and stick to it.. even spreading out your time …maybe check your email..or facebook..and set a 10-15 minute time limit….get off the computer..and do something active.. go for a walk..walk the dog…jump on a treadmill…do a work out…anything! Just don’t sit !!!! WALK! WALK! WALK!!

You can stop letting the electronic devices cause your weight gain..don’t fall into the spell of lazyness that these things promote..step away…step away… take your life back today!!


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