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Daily Journal #4


Daily Food Journal #4


Breakfast..NONE ( i got up too late)

Vegetable Soup 152 Calories 11.2 Protein
10 crackers 140 calories 2 Protein
total 292 calories 13.2 protein

Mid afternoon
greek yogurt 100 Calories 10 protein
hot tea

Chicken Gumbo 208 calories 9.4 Protein
Total 208 Calories 9.4 PROTEIN

Banana 105 calories 1.3 Protein
Daily total 705 calories 33.9 protein

1:00 1 mile
4:00 1 mile
8:00 1 mile 3 miles calories burned 363 calories

NOTES: Today was out of the normal..with my son home..I had to adjust things a bit.. I didn’t get food intake that I had planned..when I got up later than normal and had to go to town.. but I realized that the world is not going to come to end..and that I can still go on.. I stuck to my guns and didn’t eat off plan..which makes me happy.. and I didn’t bunch up my eating jsut because I missed breakfast.. I don’t want to skip every breakfast..but it didn’t kill me.. so its a win win day! was a little difficult for me to get into the gazzel today ..because of the late start..but I MADE myself do it.. that didn’t kill me eaither… And I may have cracked the code on this dang cough..finally.. I took some allergy medicine and so far…it is working to ward off the darn cough.. now to find out what in the heck I am allergic too!!! That is making me so happy happy!…I have had this darn cough since January 2nd!!! Maybe it is done!
Today I learned to stick to my guns.. and not allow myself to be taken in my all the foods and smells around me.. it would of been easy to do.. but the feeling I feel not doing so feels soo much better.. I am another day closer to beating my food addiction.. thank you Lord for the help!


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