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Scales ,Friend or foe?

scalesbag it our friend or FOE?

There has always been the debate going around on weighing ourselves… should we do it in the morning or afternoon? Should we weigh everyday? Once a week? Are all scales created equal? Why does the Doctors scales weigh be so much more?

I have always hated the scales and dreaded getting on them.. they usually never reflect how I feel my day or week went..and I end up disappointed in the reading..they have been known to make me eat a whole tub of ice cream in one sitting and a complete bag of chips! ( now that really helped me , didn’t it!)

We have a love/ hate kind of relationship with our scales..we love it when we show a loss..and hate it when the number goes up!…but let’s think about this for a minute..many factor go into play for our weight..water gain, exercise..medicine..bathroom habits..moving the different things…if we weigh in the morning right out of bed…we will get a lower number than say..after work in the evening..

If you are exercising a good amount you may be gaining muscle weight..not fat.. so that number on the scales isn’t about gaining weight..if your a woman ..we know that you retain water around that time of the month..again not fat…and different medicines we are on can also make us gain weight..especially steriods..( I know)…

IF the scales can drive you to OVEREAT because of the number…then stay off of them…if a slight gain is going to out you into a tail spain..stay off of them.. if one is truely watching what they eat…and exercing..I would reduce the amount of weight ins to once every two weeks or so..

Now if you can gafe off the results on the scales everyday and chalk it up to something…then by all means weigh as often as you like..

I am undecided…on what I want to do..sometimes they frustrate me this morning…I was up two pounds.. how can that be? I am exercising.. drinking my water..and eating low calorie..and I am up? So Instead of reaching for the remainder of the Blue Bell Rocky Road Ice Cream in my freezer.. I sat down and thought about it.. I know I am not cheating. .I know I am eating right.. exercising more than I have been…but…I did forget my waterpill yesterday when i got up so late…and I did start another round of steriods…and I didn’t drink quite as much as I had been since I got a late the number on the dial my be justified…there I said it..justified.. and you know what..that’s ok…I am not going to let it get to me.. I am not going to let my number on the scales dictate my day.. I am going about my day the best way possible..and I will wait a day or two to weigh again..end of story..

But we all know that in the back of my mind I am thinking WTH? I thought I’d be down at least a pound… I will ahave a conversation about that day scale in my head a million times today.. or is it worth it to weigh in?

I think we need some accountability… after all look where we are.. It is too easy to get off track and it turn into a 5 or 10 pound gain…quickly!…so we have to explore the right time to weigh in for each of us.. for one is may be everyday..and for another it may be once a week..we have to learn how we best can handle the number on the scale..

I am going to wait a couple days to weigh in my best to get in all my water..and exercise I can.. so when I get on the scale in a couple days…it will be a loss..Every couple days is good enough for me.. And I may even start doing it once a week.. we’ll see.. no matter what you choose to do..just make sure the scales don’t ruin your day.. we’ve worked so hard to get to where we isn’t good to go backwards…

So put on your big girl ( or boy) patties and man up to the scales..on your own time.. breathe…deep breaths..and hopefully smile for each loss is another win in our battle to beat our food addiction!



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One thought on “Scales ,Friend or foe?

  1. My views on the value of the scale in weight loss has always been fluid.

    When I initially lost a good chunk of weight (45 lbs, actually), I started by weighing myself every other day. I didn’t expect weight loss to happen in the course of 48 hours, but I wanted to see what my habits did to my body, and that was a good way to keep me in check.

    In college now, though, I am more focused on making my clothes fit better again (darn Freshman 15) and how I look and feel. I measure my success less by weight now.

    But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good tool. The scale is a great tool it you use it well.

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