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Getting Serious about weight loss

Why I decided to get off my ass and get serious about getting healthy…Due to my weight and size…I have started being limited to what I can do. I use to brag that my weight didn’t stop me from doing what I loved..and it didn’t .. I did everything I wanted to do.. but now my weight is at the point that it does hamper what I do.. I had a knee replacement 2 1/2 years ago..that didn’t turn out like I had hoped for. yes the knee pain was gone..but I didn’t have the mobility I had before.. I never got over 85 % use of my knee.. I can’t bend down on my knee.. and when I walk up and down steps. I have to go sideways.. and now I have a injury to my good leg…right below the knee.. it makes me limp..and it hurts ! So add this to the fact I sit and watch Tv..or am on the computer playing games..several hours a day… and I will just say…it hasn’t helped my weight.. as I watched the pounds pack onto my 5’2″ body.. I realizes more and more..this is not good.. at one point my family said I should apply for disability.. because now I couldn’t work..cause I can’t stand for long periods of time.. a couple weeks ago my son said, I think we need to get you a wheel chair.. and maybe I should bring the walker you used after your knee surgery in for you to get around better…WHAT? I remember thinking…is this how I am going to live out my life..? Is this what I want? Can I live with this?

Well it didn’t take me but all of two seconds to know this is not how I wanted to spend the rest of my life.. I don’t want to be dependent on anyone.. I still have a lot more life to life.. What the hell have I done to myself? And how the hell did I get here? But more the hell am I going to fix this shit?

Off on the computer I went.. I am a canadiate for gastric bypass..but that is when I made the decision that wasn’t really for me. too many risk.. Did I mention I wanted to LIVE life…! So that is when I decided to follow the gastric bypass diet..with a little help from my Doctor..( I see him next week)
So the past six days..( today is day six) I have been slowly cutting calories and trying to get in goal is 2 miles on my gazzell..and I have been able to do three! But I feel that I need to step the exercise up so I am going to start power walking in the swimming pool next week.. which is really exciting to me..

But I have been thinking about my way of life..and it is effecting my health..I have become lifeless…truely…not only do I have a food addiction..but I have somehow started living a unactive lifestyle..
Yes , I realize now that it is a result of my knee surgery..but Until now I didn’t look at how much I don’t move ..I get up, let the dogs out( to the recently fenced in back yard, now no need to walk the dogs)..fix my breakfast and then plop my ass down in the chair and use the TV controller to “surf” what I want to watch.. each hour knowing what is up next on the TV..then I may hobble into the kitchen for a snack before lunch.. and more TV or Internet surfing.. then back into the kitchen for lunch…fixed and ate infront of the TV…after I eat that makes me tired, so It’s time for a nap…which is usually for 4 or 5 hours..up just in time for dinner…in front of the TV..cause it’s time for the news.. and then evening game shows..then prime time shows..ohhhh snack time.. maybe a BIG bowl of BLUE BELL ICE CREAM!! Or a FULL BAG OF CHIPS! No I am not kidding…I may head of to bed about 1 am…only to wake and stroll into the ktichen for a snack..taking it back to bed..yes eating in bed..watching a espisode of FRIENDS..and then back to sleep…only to start all over again tomorrow..

As I type this I am sickened by what I read..tears falling down my Fat cheeks.. it’s I came to this.. I seem to have loss my ZEST for life..I use to be the FUN MOM..FUN AUNT! The adventous one! What the hell happened to me..I seem to have given up on life..period..If I remained on this track of life.. I would surely die way before my time…I am glad that I finally came to my senses…finally addimitted that I have a food addiction..and I need help..just like a alcoholic..or drug addict…I am sick..

So ..I am going on my new journey.. addmitting I am a food addict..addmitting I have to make changes.. just to live..addmiting I have to get my head out of my ass..and do this once and for all.. is it going to be easy.. HELL NO! If it was I would of already done it! But I know with all the love from my family..and frineds…the love of GOD.. I can do this…

Changes aren’t easy… in my head and heart I want this more than anything.. my stomach.. I want Pizza…but I am stronger than my stomach.. I want this so badly..that it will not win..I will win…

So looking back on my daily habits that need changed…I am cleaning house.. starting first with the TV.. yes I did it.. I called the cable company and shut it off.. no more TV.. I can get the news streamed live on my computer..that is what is important.. the other shows.. I can live instead of sitting on my ass watching TV.. I am going to be up and about doing things.. it doesn’t really matter WHAT THINGS.. as long as I am moving.. I am also limiting my time on the computer.. one hour total ..for the whole day! And if that seems to be getting out of control I will shut it off..and only use HOTSPOTS to send my updates..hopefully is won’t come to that.. but I will shut it off ..if I need to…

Meals…snacks…etc.. I am keeping a food journal and planning my day… it’s ok if I change things around a little..but I want to try my best to stay on plan. I plan for everything…meals..snacks.drinks..that way I only have to think about it once day.. it will help with my fixsation with food..I also keep everything I can’t eat…out of the house.. you wouldn’t fill your house with alcohol…if you were a alcoholic…so don’t keep forbiden food’s just too tempting..plan..plan..plan.. I have made the decision not to eat out.. that is what is best right now.. NO FAST FOOD is a given.. no eating in the car.. no eating anywhere but my kitchen table! NOT in front of the TV! Not in BED! Kitchen table.. and write it down!! IF I feel hunger pains..then I drink water or hot tea..first..then if I am still hungry..fruit or protein..small amounts…

Excerise…yea..we all hate that word..but fact is .. we gotta do it.. it will helps us reach our weight loss goals…but not only exercise but being active… parking and walking further than normal…making time to take walks..hikes..yes hikes… with a bum leg..being active is a challenge for me.. but I take that challenge and am determined to MOVE IT MORE! I will take the dogs for walks everyday…they will enjoy it too! I will make housecleaning fun and active! Playing music helps me MOVE IT! MOVE IT!

And I will not let the cold..snow..or rain stop me… if the weather isn’t good enough to walk my neighborhood.. then I will go to the mall and walk..hey any exercise I get is better than what I use to get..right! I can even go to Sam’s Club or Wal Mart to walk…nothing wrong in that! I will put to great use a stability ball that I have in the spare bedroom…again…being active.. I will take up geocaching…partner glove boxing…and use my Wii…yes I have a Wii.. I use to love bowling and boxing on there.. so I will push restart and play! I have a dance 2 game…OH ..yes I will do it ALONE!!! No gawkers!!! LOL! I will find things to do to be active..when the summer comes I will work in the garden and my flower beds…mow the yard with the push mower not the John Deere…and I will trim! Using the gas powered weed eater.. ( CHECK IT OUT)
So here is what my day will look like..
up at 7:00 2-3 miles on the gazzel…
7:30 the kitchen table…
8:00 walk Madolyn around the weather permits..if not.. Wii exercise or walk at SAMS
9:00 clean house or yard
10:00 stability ball or floor exercises…gazzell time.. maybe 1 mile
11:00 Take Winston for a walk..or Wii or Walk at SAMS
12:00 lunch at the kitchen table..or on the outdoor deck if weather permits..
1:00 craftroom/computer time
2:00- 3:30 Swimming…power walking at the Senior center…deep end exercises
3:30-4:00 shower and drive home
4:00 play with the dogs outside…frizbie..etc…if weather is bad..gazzell/floor exercises..or Wii
5:00 dinner prep and eating
6:00 gazzell 2 miles
7:00 watch evening news…computer time eating after 7 pm
8:00 Yoga…meditation..
9:00 evening shower…reading time..
10:00 bedtime..

Now this is the schedule if I have no chores in town for the day.. it will differ if I have to go to town..but I will adjust it is my first day on this schedule.. except the swimming they are not open on the weekend.. I know there is a big change in my day… but I am liking it..and my heart knows it’s for get me healthy.. changes aren’t always easy…but they can become a habit..just as quickly as becoming a couch potatoe..make the move to change to get healthy…your heart will thank you..

I am going to be on the lookout for ways to move it! Move it! I will let you know how it goes!


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