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Daily Journal #8

JOURNAL22Food Journal Week 8
2 3-minute eggs 156 calories 1 carb 12 protein
Hot tea
Protein drink 90 calories 12 carbs 5 protein
hot tea
1/2 Cottage cheese 90 calories 4 carb 14 protein
hot tea
1 oz cheese 78 calories 0.5 carbs 8 protein
hot tea
4 oz fish 181.2 calories 0.5 carbs 30 protein
broccoli 31 calories 6 carbs 2.6 Protein
hot tea

TOTAL COUNTS 626.2 calories 29.4 carbs 71.6 Protein

8:30 1 mile
10:00 1/2 mile
11:30 1/2 mile
2:00 1/2 mile
3:30 1/2 mile
6:00 1/2 mile
8:00 1/2 mile total 4 miles 484 caloreis burned 40 minutes total time

NOTES: First I want to say the my goal for the first two weeks was to walk 2 miles daily on my gazzell.. I have done three miles each day and today I did 4 miles… this makes me happy.. I think I will go for time..instead of miles.. I did 40 minutes today.. that will be my goal for the next week or so…with a goal of one hour in the weeks to come..Today I wasn’t feeling really great…so I ate less than normal. I took a afternoon nap for one hour..and got up feeling better..not sure what was wrong..but glad I am feeling better. I am figuring out that I feel better ..when I don’t drink diet coke.. I have been diet coke free for over a month now.. I had headacks at first..for about three days.. but I feel better now..I drink water and hot tea a tea..
and I am also figuring out that the less carbs I eat the better I feel.. and I watching my carb intake to see if this is a on going thing..I am trying to limit..grains..and starches as much as possible.. I want to see how this effects me..both in how I feel and in weight loss.. I didn’t want to neccessarly limit any one thing from my diet..but I am seeing this makes a difference.. listen to your body.. watch and pay what it is telling you.. do you feel bloated when eating grains.. and starches? Then try to stop them and see how your body reacts..I have also limited sugar.. I know that sweets are my down fall. and I know that some can eat different sweets and it satisfies their sweet tooth.. so far I am finding that my sweet tooth wants to take I don’t want to start it going again.. I will keep sugar on my NO list..for now.. The thing I am learning about food for me.. is that I need to listen to my body.. slowly add or remove something and pay attention to how it makes me feel..I think this is important..if we listen and reconize what our bodies are trying to tell can tell from my food journal , I am not eating proccessed food.. I don’t like the list of ingredients I see on the packaging , that I have no idea what it is.. if I want a egg… I will eat a egg..not some powered egg that has 20 different ingredients..I am trying to eat “clean” back in the day of our great-great far this is working for me..there is not ONE diet..or ONE plan that fits everyone.. we have to work to find our own way in this food mess..we have become addicted to. Do I really like it? Or am I use to just eating what is put in front of me? Now days..I have to LOVE it to eat it..I am not wasting my time on so so food.. I want the best of what I like.. prepard the best way I know how..I won’t put JUNK in my body anymore..I will treat my body better than that! Hope you do to.


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