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Daily Journal #10

<a href="http://ourhealthylifestylejourney.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/journal22.png”>JOURNAL22

Food Journal Day #20

3 scrambled eggs 234 Calories 18 protein 1.50 Carbs
water hot tea
Lunch none
hot tea
Cauliflowe pizza 7 squares 180.95 calories 14.49 Protein 2.45 carbs
hot tea
DAILY TOTAL 414.95 CALORIES 32.49 PROTEIN 3.95 carbs

2:00 1 mile
4:30 1 mile
6:30 1 mile
8:00 1 mile Total 4 miles 484 calories burned 45 minutes

Notes: Today was a odd day.. I couldn’t sleep last night.. don’t know why..but I couldn’t sleep..I went back to bed around 8 am this morning to try and get a few hours sleep. I slept until 1:00 pm..so that is why I didn’t eat lunch.. Breakfast was my lunch! Got such a late start and a heardy breakfast.. I didn’t feel like snacks..and not realizing the cauliflower pizza was so low in everything.. I have very low counts today..crazy.. here it is almost 11 PM and I am not hungry! Crazy! I am sure it has something to do with not eating sugar!
I am hoping I sleep better this evening..I had lots of energy when I get up today…( this afternoon!) and I did a lot of house cleaning I had been needing to do..I can sure use this extra energy! I want to talk about the scales.. I have decided to weigh each Sunday instead of everyday..I am ok with that for now.. I just don’t think I can take the ups and downs of the scales right now.. I am going to go on how I feel..what I know I am eating.. and Sunday weigh ins..so this Sunday will be the big weigh in..I am feeling good about it too! Planning tomorrows meals now..need to get in more vegetables!!!


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