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Daily Journal #12

JOURNAL22Food Journal

Breakfast 2 eggs 156 calories 1 carb 12 Protein

Atkins bar 180 Calories 3 carbs 6 protein
Atkins Protein Drink 160 calories 2 carbs 15 protein
2 hot dogs 280 Calories 2 carbs 10 Protein
Tortilla 121 Calories 6 carbs 5 protein
Total amounts 897 Calories 14 Carbs 48 Protein

9:00 1 mile
11:30 1 mile
2:30 1 mile
5:00 1 mile Total 4 miles 484 calories burned 45 minutes

NOTES: Today was difficult for me.. I went grocery shopping.. it was hard! I saw so many things I love to eat…why do they call my name???? I hate the hold that it has on me.. I was strong and didn’t buy one thing that I couldn’t have…YEA!! I might have wanted to…but I didn’t! That is a biggie to me!! I came home with my grocerys and took the time to pack it all in individual portions!!! Everything!! I am now prepared for the next week!!! When I have things that I can grab and go.. I can stick to the plan better!!! Trying hard to keep busy.. my clothes are all cleaned dryed and in the closent! My house is cleaned to the hilt! And thinking of cleaning the car inside and out tomorrow… guess my energy is back!! YEA!!!! Hoping to have a good weekend.. going to friends house tomorrow..and lunch out with them.. salad..and meat..salad and meat!!!!!It will be my real first challenge out!! I can do this!!!! Wish me luck!


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