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Daily Journal #13

JOURNAL22Breakfast 2 scrambled eggs 156 Calories 1 carb 12 Protein
2 sasuage 230 Calories 2 Carb 14 Protein

lunch nothing

4 oz smoked turkey 118 Calories 0 Carbs 19 Protein
1/2 cup green beans with bacon its 31 Calories 7 Carbs 1.8 protein
salad 30 Calories 1 Carb 2 Proteins

Total counts 565 Calories 11 Carbs 48.8 Protein

No Gazzell…I went to the flea market and walked for over three hours.. It wasn’t easy with my bad leg…I do wish it would get better.. I don’t like limping around…I had a good day spending it with friends.. many temptations were thrown at me today… mini doughnuts..cheddar cheese popcorn….funnel cream cones..etc..but I didn’t take any of it!! WHEW!!! so happy to have found this new WILLPOWER! Even though my mouth watered for these treats.. I can prepared! I has a cheese stick…Atkins bar and large water!!! COMING prepared is best!!!! Also something sweet…like the Atkins bar is a great idea so that you can quinch that sweet spot and not induldge in any NONO treats! Great day!


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