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Daily Journal #14


Breakfast 2 eggs 156 Calories 1 carb 12 Protein
2 sasuage 230 Calories 2 Carb 14 Protein
2 bacon 92 Calories 0 Carbs 6.3 Protein

String Cheese 50 Calories 0 Carbs 6 Protein
Atkins bar 180 Calories 3 carbs 6 Protein

1/2 Cup Broiled broccoli 27 Calories 5.6 Carbs 1.9 Protein
1 cup Salad greens 33 Calories 3.00 Carbs 2.6 Protein
8 oz talipia broiled 218 Calories 0 Carbs 45 Protein

Total amounts 986 Calories 14.6 carbs 94.8 Protein

9:00 1 mile
11:30 1 mile
2:30 1 mile
5:00 1 mile Total 4 miles 484 calories burned 45 minutes
Notes: Before anyone says something about my lunch.. I didn’t want much.. I had a sinus headack! I ended up laying down and falling to sleep for about three hours!! I felt much better when I awoke…kind of laid back day.. I piddled around the house and did some laundry…dishes…dog’s bath… little things.. I watch my hour of TV…Got to speak to my youngest son..on the cell today.. that always makes me very happy…I wish I got to see him more often. he live in DC…which is a few hours away from me..I don’t complain about it.. he is a retired Wounded now I have him safely on American soil..with three tours of War behind him.. This mom is happy he is State Side! The day was good…I got to spend it with my Oldest son.. anytime spent with Family is time well spent!


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