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Daily Journal #15


Daily Journal #15
Atkins bar 3 carbs
Atkins Protein Drink 2 Carbs

Lunch Carbs
Chef Salad wrap 8 carbs
1 Cup toss salad
2 oz chicken breast
1 oz provolone cheese
Low carb wrap

Dinner Carbs
Low carb wrap pizza 8 Carbs

Daily Total 21 Carbs

9:00 1 mile
11:30 1 mile
2:30 1 mile
5:00 1 mile Total 4 miles 484 calories burned 45 minutes

1 Hour swimming

NOTES: I have decided to only track my carbs.. This works for might not for you. So I will be doing it from now on.. I had a lot more energy today than in the past week.. I actually rearranged my room….all by myself! I spent about five hours on my bedroom!!! I also cleaned house..moped the floors and did three loads of laundry… No NAP! Glad my energy is coming back!!! now if I could just get rid of this dang cough!! Spring hurry up and get here!!!
Tomorrow I am going to walk the dogs again.. do water arobics at the pool…and walk at Sams Club! Busy day!!!


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