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Falling in love again at 58!

I never thought I would fall in love again at my age.. after all at 58…who does?

Well I did…I am in love again… butterflies in my stomach…my heart so full of love.. it’s life has changed in a blink of an eye… I have purpose now.. I have joy.. I have something exciting to look forward to… I have a new name now too!! It’s Grandma… ! I am a grandma to an incredible little grandson… who is just two weeks old… he had me from hello..when he was just barely a few hours old.. I made the drive from North Carolina to Maryland..I had just left my driveway when we learned of his birth and heard his first cries as he was getting his first diaper …I heard the joy in my sons voice…he was a daddy…as I drove to the hospital. four hours away… I thought a lot about being a grandma.. seeing him…loving him.. wanting to teach him so much about life.. I dream of having the kind of relationship with him as I did with my Grandmother.. I loved her beyond measure.. I loved to be with her on weekends holidays and summer vacations…anytime spent with grandma Swope was special to me.. and it continued into my adulthood..And the closeness we had, was shared with her to great sons.. they shared a special bond with her.. as I did…and our bond was a shared my whole lifetime…until she was 90! How lucky was I !

I want that with my grandson.. I want him to know that I will be there for him…always.. I want to tell him the family stories…I want him to learn about his ancestors…I want to teach him things about life.. I want to watch him grow into a wonderful successful man like his father..

I want to teach him recipes that have been handed down from many generations …I want to share my love of the outdoors with him.. I want to teach him to be kind and loving all cost..and to love everyone…never looking down at others unless he is helping them up…I want him to give back to our society and learn to do for others..I want him to learn to be loyal and know what character is…and how to keep it..I want him to learn right from wrong and how to listen to his inter soul to guide him.. I want him to learn a great education will get him further in life..and will open doors that would not be open to him otherwise..

Always tell the truth.. it will keep you out of trouble.. if you find yourself in trouble..fess up and face the won’t last for ever…

I want to teach him that all women are beautiful.. Never use them..never hit them.. always treat them can have women as friends…every man should have one or friends.. and if they listen they will learn much about them…never date two women at once.. and never break their hearts on purpose..I want him to learn to open doors for them…always walk them to the door..never expect a kiss on the first date..but don’t be afraid if it feels right to ask for one..never talk about a woman in the locker room ..or to others you can’t trust..her reputation should be honored..if you see others degrading a woman ..stick up for her..every chance you get..hopefully others will get the hint..

Be the best friend you can be…honest and truthful… Keep a secret when asked….give good advise…and be there when they need you the most..good friends are hard to find..remember make new friends but keep the old.. one is silver and the other is gold…

Your parents are going to be upset with you at some point..know that they still love you..and always will.. know that you can go to your parents about ANYTHING… never think you are alone..don’t lie to them…NEVER talk back to them…listen to what they are trying to teach’s for your own good.. even if you don’t think so at that moment..I want him to honor his mother and father.. at all their advise and take it..I want him to be independent but causious..I want him to fall in Love when he is over 30…and understand that women are equals..he should always protect her.. love her…and honor her..never betraying her trust..for that is hard to earn back.

I want him to have children of his own..and bring them up as him..and teach them the very lessons he has old as I am now.. I realize I may never see him become the man I dream he will 58…I may be luck to see him through high school let alone college..marriage and children.. but I have many years to help mold him into an upstanding young man…who will make his parents proud … I can help teach him…many things that will carry him through difficult time..

I want him to know that in life there will be disappointments..but its how you handle those disappointments that make your stronger and not a victim of them…I want him to know he can do anything if he puts his mind to it.. there is a whole world out there for the taking ! Go Grab it!!! Look for adventure… travel as much as you can..taking the unbeaten path.. learn about others.. and remember nothing worth having in life free or must work hard…live a good honest life.. be kind to all…and love yourself..and always remember Grandma Loves You!


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