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Benefits of healthy eating!

I’ve been going strong for  over a month now on my healthy eating
image diet coke..lots and lots of pure fresh water. And then I cut out fast foods. ..allowing only chai tea from Starbucks ( hey I’m working on it!). .at first it drove me crazy  not to stop and get my sasuage egg and cheese biscuits every morning.   After all the girl at the drive through..had become my friend.  She’s going to think I moved.. Or died! But after going the nutritional analysis of what was in that ..I don’t miss it..oh sure when I passed a Mickey D’s .thoughts of french fries..or a nice ice cream cone..did pop in my head.m but finally. .nothing..not a twinge..not a glace not one thought of stopping..habit broken…
Now the next thing to go was sugar…after educating myself on all  the non benefits of this little sweet product. .and understanding the propaganda behind it in the food industry. .it’s gone.  Obliterated. .I won’t lie and say it hasn’t been without dire consequences. .headaches..fatigue. .cravings..and down right bitchyness on my part. .even shakes and sickness like symptoms. ..after all its like coming off of crack..or drinking. .America we are addicted to this crap!…
Its in everything processed and packaged that they can but it in.. ( more about that in another post)

Anyway my point of this whole post is…results. unexpected ones at that!..oh I knew making tgese changes would be better for me..even facilitate weight loss.  But what I didn’t realize. Was how great I would Feel!..
Slowly over the course of the month..I noticed a slight change..aftee thw headaches..and withdraws and there I’m not so skin feel softer. .I feel like my face is thinner..I walk with a skip in my stride. .and slowly…I got my ENERGY back.  Some oeoole just think when were heavy were lazy..but the truth I have come to realize is …we don’t have the energy to move it!  Truly…it takes everything we have to get up each day andnjust do the minimum we have to do…period..aftee a while it’s. .just the way it is.. you forget what having energy is all about..and someway..somehow. .you don’t remember ever having it..just washing the dishes..or vacuuming the floor is about all you can do…you just get by..never once realizing why you feel so bad..never really taking the time to could be my unhealthy eating and ways..all of which are habits..
Well last night was a turning point for me..I had to stop.and really think about the past 40 YEARS of my life..and realize. ..Dam…this is how I use to feel…energized! Over the past month I had WORKED hard at getting healthy..Really HARD..going through withdrawal. .sleeping..and sleeping..but wait. ..I noticed I was getting up before the alarm..and I was well rested..I woke up ready for the day! Happy..smiling…hey who is this girl?’s me…happy with life..feeling good…and wait…I noticed I was doing more..noticing more that needed to be done. ..picking things up off the floor ( If your over weight you will understand that). .I wasn’t just plopping down on the couch after work..I was chores I hadn’t been doing..and enjoying it too!
After work it was like I still had all this energy built up inside of me..roaring to go! Where did this come from? ? I hadn’t had a sugar high.. o r even a energy drink.. what the hells going on?
Then it hit me.. this is what it’s suppose to feel like..I remember how I could work all the boys around..come home fix homework..and laundry
.and go to bed at.midnight and do it all over again tomorrow!
I am so frikin EXCITED!  I GOT me BACK!!! IN A MONTH NO LESS!!
WOW…After realizing this..I managed to clean the  living room bathroom..and kitchen before I went to bed.. (started at 9pm)..I was up early. .washing clothes..mopping the floors and walked the dogs.. .all before work!
I am so happy to be reaping the rewards from all of my hard work getting healthy. .reward I had not even thought of!..eating healthy has so many benefits for our health..our hearts and now O realize our happiness!
Don’t spend one more day feeling sick and tired..stop the madness..stop eating the garage that is being put in our food. ..educate yourself on the recent studies on obesity and our food system..know what the labels mean..know the garbage that is being forced into our food system..and help stop it now!. ..I still have a long jouney ahead..but believe you me.. my EYES ARE WIDE OPEN! I like how.I’m feeling..the happiness. .the joy..the energy! And to think ..this is Just the beginning!


Scales ,Friend or foe?

scalesbag it our friend or FOE?

There has always been the debate going around on weighing ourselves… should we do it in the morning or afternoon? Should we weigh everyday? Once a week? Are all scales created equal? Why does the Doctors scales weigh be so much more?

I have always hated the scales and dreaded getting on them.. they usually never reflect how I feel my day or week went..and I end up disappointed in the reading..they have been known to make me eat a whole tub of ice cream in one sitting and a complete bag of chips! ( now that really helped me , didn’t it!)

We have a love/ hate kind of relationship with our scales..we love it when we show a loss..and hate it when the number goes up!…but let’s think about this for a minute..many factor go into play for our weight..water gain, exercise..medicine..bathroom habits..moving the different things…if we weigh in the morning right out of bed…we will get a lower number than say..after work in the evening..

If you are exercising a good amount you may be gaining muscle weight..not fat.. so that number on the scales isn’t about gaining weight..if your a woman ..we know that you retain water around that time of the month..again not fat…and different medicines we are on can also make us gain weight..especially steriods..( I know)…

IF the scales can drive you to OVEREAT because of the number…then stay off of them…if a slight gain is going to out you into a tail spain..stay off of them.. if one is truely watching what they eat…and exercing..I would reduce the amount of weight ins to once every two weeks or so..

Now if you can gafe off the results on the scales everyday and chalk it up to something…then by all means weigh as often as you like..

I am undecided…on what I want to do..sometimes they frustrate me this morning…I was up two pounds.. how can that be? I am exercising.. drinking my water..and eating low calorie..and I am up? So Instead of reaching for the remainder of the Blue Bell Rocky Road Ice Cream in my freezer.. I sat down and thought about it.. I know I am not cheating. .I know I am eating right.. exercising more than I have been…but…I did forget my waterpill yesterday when i got up so late…and I did start another round of steriods…and I didn’t drink quite as much as I had been since I got a late the number on the dial my be justified…there I said it..justified.. and you know what..that’s ok…I am not going to let it get to me.. I am not going to let my number on the scales dictate my day.. I am going about my day the best way possible..and I will wait a day or two to weigh again..end of story..

But we all know that in the back of my mind I am thinking WTH? I thought I’d be down at least a pound… I will ahave a conversation about that day scale in my head a million times today.. or is it worth it to weigh in?

I think we need some accountability… after all look where we are.. It is too easy to get off track and it turn into a 5 or 10 pound gain…quickly!…so we have to explore the right time to weigh in for each of us.. for one is may be everyday..and for another it may be once a week..we have to learn how we best can handle the number on the scale..

I am going to wait a couple days to weigh in my best to get in all my water..and exercise I can.. so when I get on the scale in a couple days…it will be a loss..Every couple days is good enough for me.. And I may even start doing it once a week.. we’ll see.. no matter what you choose to do..just make sure the scales don’t ruin your day.. we’ve worked so hard to get to where we isn’t good to go backwards…

So put on your big girl ( or boy) patties and man up to the scales..on your own time.. breathe…deep breaths..and hopefully smile for each loss is another win in our battle to beat our food addiction!



noYES! I speak the truth!! YOUR ELECTRONIC DEVISES ARE CAUSING YOUR WEIGHT GAIN!!! Believe me when I tell you this!!

We have got to put a stop to this..we have to stand our ground and take our life back!!! We can’t not just sit around and allow all of these devices to hinder our weight loss!!!

Think about it… our Cell phones.. so many of you are joined at the HIP with this device! Now think about.. remember the day when you were outside and heard the phone ring..and you sprinted into the house to grap the phone?? Or how about being in the basement or upstairs..and the phone would ring..we would run to grab that phone on the last ring…missing the caller…only to go back to where we were…for the phone to ring, again!!!

Or if you were out in the back fourty and someone would yell for you to come to the phone…we’d stop what we were doing and go to the phone…and then back out to where ever we were! Now to answer the only requires us to bend our arm..because it is attached at our matter what we are doing..we can quickly answer any call..heck we don’t even have to be at home!!

Not to mention our TV’s…yes they are making you gain weight too!!! After all once we setting into our seat…we are good to go! We don’t have to get up to change the channel…arm movement…that is all we have to more adjusting the rabbit ears on top..or going to the roof to move the antenna…all we have to do is sit..and click..

Do you have a computer.. Oh dear..your in trouble.. that is one of the biggest our weight gain.. we sit down at our desk at work..all day long.. maybe getting up to take a potty break now and again.. but we sit.. and sit…and sit.. we even have printers at our work we do not have to get up to get paperwork! God forbid! And if it wasn’t bad enough that we sit at work all day long working on our computers..we go home,sit down and check our emails..maybe check facebook…play some candy crush…maybe stroll along PINTERST…just for a little bit…and the next thing you know it..three or four hours have passed…

SO what is a person to do! Step away from the Electronic Devices!!! Put down that phone..find a place for it when you step in the door…and leave it there.. just like in the old days to the phone! And guess what..there is caller ID on the phone if you do happen to miss the call.. you can call them back! And you don’t need to text everyone…it can wait.. if it’s important call them!

Now when it comes to work…you have to be at your work station.. however you can exercise at your station..every chance you get.. do some arm raises.. leg stretches..even some knee bends! And ever 45 minutes to hour..get up..move around…park as far awar as you you can get exercise walking to and from the car..some people will even sit on a exercise ball instead of a chair..and move around on that..when you go to the some stretches.. do some leg bends..stretch out! MOVE IT! MOVE IT! MOVE IT!!…if possible print on a different printer ..just so you can get up and move it!!!

Now when you get home…don’t spend the evening on the computer…set a time limit and stick to it.. even spreading out your time …maybe check your email..or facebook..and set a 10-15 minute time limit….get off the computer..and do something active.. go for a walk..walk the dog…jump on a treadmill…do a work out…anything! Just don’t sit !!!! WALK! WALK! WALK!!

You can stop letting the electronic devices cause your weight gain..don’t fall into the spell of lazyness that these things promote..step away…step away… take your life back today!!

Defending my Plant based lifestyle


I am finding out that I have to keep my Plant based lifetstyle to myself..people don’t understand what they don’t know…When I am asked what am I doing??? I am looking great…and I mention the plant based lifestyle.. I get told “Oh I could never do that”! What are you going to do when you start “eating” again… ??? You will gain the weight back..when you go off of it…? or “How will you get enough calcium, fat, protein, nutrients, etc.?” or how about…,I didn’t know you were such a ativist! Ativist? Really???

Every day more studies prove that the healthiest diets are plant based, not animal based.
And yet everyday I must justify my lifestyle choice…
Why? Why aren’t you the one who needs to justify to me why you eat a high fat diet that is killing you? Why don’t you tell me why its healthy for you to carry around an extra 100 pounds?


I am not going to debate this issue with those who seem hell bent on doing so..I don’t need anyone’s approval for the way I decide to live my life…you don’t need mine…I choose the plant based is not a diet..diets come and go.. this is the way I choose to eat.. this is the way I choose to treat my body..because we all know you are what you eat….And did you know that President Bill Clinton is on this diet ??? So It’s good enough for a President , but not for you????? I don’t know if I will outlive you or not.. I may get run over by a car or something…but Let’s let our lives and health decide whom is right…meet me back here in 10 years…hell meet me in five years and let’s see who is doing the best… if you make it that long…

This makes me SICK!

I know I already posted today.. but I have seen commercials for Hardee’s five dollar box four times in the last 2 hours…and I can’t take it anymore! This is my soapbox! I don’t know about anyone else …but this sickens me…and it makes me made as hell at the fast food companies..
I just can’t believe the money they spend on advertising these heart attacks in a bag…to go even! Come on drive up, get your heart attack in a bag right from the front seat of your car! I am telling you these companies should be ashamed of themselves!! Really! I feel like they prey on the poor man… who doesn’t have much money to buy lunch and this sounds like a really good deal…hey FASTFOOD companies…CAN I HAVE A HEALTHY CHOICE FOR THE $5.00 price tag????? oR HOW ABOUT anything HEALTHY! America wake up..this food is killing us!!!!!!!! And the FASTFOOD companies are making millions off of us!!! Shame …Shame… Shame.. Just look at the calorie counts below…
hardees Hardee’s is jumping head first into their deal-making game, offerring up a rather hefty $5 BIG BOX LUNCH deal which includes two double cheeseburgers, an order of Natural-Cut Fries, a fried apple pie and a 20-oz. beverage of your choice in a new easy-carry box and look at the nutritional values of this one meal!
Hardee’s launched its $5 Big Box Lunch deal, a boxed combo that includes two double cheeseburgers, natural cut fries, a fried apple pie and a 20-ounce beverage. As far as I am concerned – not a bargain for your health, unless you share with at least 2 other people.

2 double Cheeseburgers: 1060 calories and 64 grams fat
1 small fries:(doesn’t say which size) : 320 calories and 14 grams fat
1 fried apple pie: 270 calories and 13 grams fat
20 oz. drink (regular soda): zero calories if diet: 200 calories and zero fat
TOTAL is about: 1,850 calories and 91 grams fat
And Taco Bell is following suite
the taco extravaganza that is Taco Bell has been promoting their “$5 Buck Box” which includes a beefy melt burrito, a taco supreme, a chalupa supreme, and a serving of cinnamon twists
$5 Dollar Buck Box from Taco Bell
1,210 calories, 60 grams of fat
2,270 milligrams of sodium
If that does excite you go for this at your local McDonals
Angus Barbeque Bacon Cheeseburger (Combo Meal with Large Fries)
1300 calories, 64 grams fat
2,370 milligrams of sodium
I will continue to turn the channel when ever I see these on TV… and I will continue to BOYCOTT fastfood joints…and I will hope someday America…will wake up and smell the roses..before it’s too late!


pulling hair out

Yes this is me PULLING MY HAIR OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why you ask??? Well, thank you for asking..

It bothers my that I am trying to share my new found knowledge for a healthier way of life to people..who JUST DON”T LISTEN TO WHAT I AM SAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can give them them picture of a artery that was healed from a Plant Based Diet…and they look at it and say ,”anyone can alter a photo”! Really , that is what you get out of this? That someone “alerted” the photo??? REALLY?

Sometimes I want to scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was talking to someone the other day who told me that ALL CARBS are bad.. that I shouldn’t be eating any carbs! Really? All carbs are not created equally!!!!!!!!!! Read up on it people… and don’t get into a you know what waving conflict with me..over carbs…and then walk away telling me I am not eating “healthy” while you go turn your steak on the grill! Really?

Let me say that I do not push my beliefs on others… Or my choice of a healthy lifestyle..I don’t chastise someone when I see they shoving that fork full of over processed foods…or that dead cow down their throats…but..if you start harassing me for my choices…on my plate..I will tell you like I see it.. and will try my best to educate you on the healthy plant based lifestyle…you open the conversation and I will share all that I know with you. Don’t call me a liar..and say I don’t know what I am talking about..that just makes me more determined to get you the correct information…I can carry on the debate of cholesterol in eggs…until the cows go home.. and people still won’t believe me..

Eggs… yes eggs… 187 mg of Cholesterol is in one egg…

a Big Mac has 85 Mg of Cholesterol

3 oz of lobster has 61 Mg of Cholesterol

a 3 oz Rib Eye has 160 Mg of Cholesterol

a Whooper with cheese has 100 Mg of Cholesterol

The America Heart Associations says the following about our daily amounts for Cholesterol

Dietary Cholesterol – less than 200 milligrams each day

  • Why? What does this mean?: Excesses in dietary cholesterol have been linked to increases in coronary heart disease. Consuming less than 200 milligrams per day is a prudent attempt at lowering your risk.
  • Examples: Cholesterol comes from two sources – that which your body creates and that which is found in animal products (meat, poultry, fish, egg yolks and dairy contain dietary cholesterol). Choose reduced fat or lean sources of animal products to help reduce your dietary cholesterol intake

SO when we want to eat for our heart… I would say leave the eggs alone’s a NO brainer!

I have had this egg debate many times.. believe me.. people will not believe you…you can talk until you are blue in the face.. they just don’t want to believe it.. for example… someone I know , recently announced they needed to eat better… the Doctor told them their cholesterol was almost at the point for him to start talking medication…so he was cutting back.. and yet for breakfast I watched in he whipped up a 6 egg veggie omelet..hey It’s all veggies inside so it has to be good….RIGHT? Do the math people.. one egg is 187 Mg Of Cholesterol x 6 = 1116 mg for that one meal…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he was cutting back!!!!!!!!!! You should of had the steak and eggs and been better off! That would of been 187 X 2=374mg , plus steak 160 mg.=534 Mg. Cholesterol! Which is still way too much! But I’m just saying!!!

And yet this person still argue with me that I was wrong? That I was just trying to steer him to my plant based way of life.. no in reality I am trying to Save your frikin life here….but he ate the omelet …every bite and smiled at me the whole time…he is a heart attack just waiting to happen…But I tried to warn him..

I think it’s hard for people to understand what they don’t know. They have been lied to for their whole lives about food…and for them its a difficult thing to change. And I get that I really do.. It’s also hard for me to voice my opinions  to them.. they look at me and see some changes..but since I am so heavy its going to take time.. for them to see just how it has changed my life..but I am hoping that as I change not only physically but inside as well..they will see how the plant based lifestyle can help them too.. I want to be the change they want in their Although I may be pulling out my hair…to try and explain this wonderful Plant based lifestyle…and it’s  benefits….I will not stop just because I am pulling out all of my hair.. it will be worth it ..when someone makes the change.. After all I can always buy a wig..

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