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Garlic Brown Sugar chicken tenders


These were fantastic! And were very easy to make in little time!
First add splenda brown sugar to a bowl..add 2 tab low sodium soy sauce…and 3 tab minced garlic…mix in a little bit of water to make it pourable…brown4line baking dish with parchment paper..( it will save on clean up)brown3 marinade chicken tenders in sauce for two hours or longer…brown2place in lined baking dish…top with a 1/3 of a slice of bacon…brown1 and pour marinade over top…bake at 375 degrees for 40 minutes…


If you don’t like where you are move..! You are not a tree!

I can’t believe 2015 is here! Oh where has the time gone? I will turn 59 in May? Really? 59? OMG! 2014 was an incredible year for me.. became a GRANDMOTHER! My little grandson was born on December 20th! That little man has stolen my heart from the moment I laid eyes on him.. I love him sooo much. He has also saved his grandmothers life… on one swoop….one photo… one moment captured in time for ever… his first Photo of Himself with his Grandma….OMG! I cried….how in the HELL did I get this fat??? How can you even see this beautiful little baby boy among the layers of fat that he is laying on called his grandmother? When did I get this fat??? And why didn’t anyone tell me?
Let me back up a bit… if I was told to describe myself …I would say that I am a fun loving… adventure seeking free spirited person.. I love the ocean ..kayaking… swimming… hiking…meeting people..and want to enjoy life to the fullest…reality is…I am a big fat mess… I haven’t been to the ocean in two years… I couldn’t even begin to fit into a kayak let along ride in one… the only hike I have been on in the last 8 years..has been to the mailbox…or climbing the three steps into my house…adventurous? Really what is that? free spirited ? Really Beverly? Maybe back in 2005? And exercise? What is this again? I have a bike.. a gazzell…and one of the large balls to sit on… I have more weights than my local gym…and a WII that hasn’t been used in over two years… What happened..? I think I quit enjoying things I use to do..and fell out of love with myself.. Let me back up again… in 2005 I met the love of my life.. my soul mate..I was in the best shape I had been in for years…having come off a very one sided marriage that was full of lies and deciete..I had FINALLY found the my soul mate.. the man Who was a part of me.. my love. my heart my world…I had never met anyone like him.. ever… a Sgt Major in The Marine Corps ..a mover and a shaker who taught me more about myself than I had ever known.. He made me believe in my own self and the power that I had inside me..He let me be me..and loved me for it..we were equals…partners in love and life..and we were separated my thousands of miles..he in Germany me in North Carolina.. but we made it work..we learned everything about each other.. we talked for HOURS on the phone..we hated every moment we were apart and the best part of our days was when we were together..he made me whole…we shared things about our hopes and dreams and things about our past…that I had never shared with anyone..little things.. big things… he completed me…he was my “other” half.. we were lovers and best friends..we were inseperatable..and I still feel that way today.. but life and family…appreared its ugly head and we were forced to live stated apart, connected by love..and what was in our hearts..but duty called…and for reason I won’t explain..we have to live separate lives..peeking in on each other..and still promising our love..but apart.. is how it must be. some may not understand and that is ok.. but we shall forever be in each others hearts..I now know life changed so much for me..with him not in it…in the way I wanted.. and I didn’t want anyone else..I still don’t…and I have done a really good job of NO one wanting me..depressed and lonely.. I made up my own little world that I wasn’t going to let anyone else in…. I did it’s easy Now to look back and re think my life and how I got here.. sometimes it’s painful…but I need to understand how I got here… to understand how to get back to my old healthier self.. to have lost the greatest love of my life.. at times is painful..but knowing that I at least had it.. helps… so my grandson has let me fall in love again. something I never thought I would ever do again… I want to get healthy to live longer and to be in my grandson’s live as long as I possibly can… this little boy is saving my life.. he has given me hope… love.. and a reason to move on.. he is helping to heal my heart.. something that no one else has been able to do… I shall be forever a grateful grandma…here is 2015 being my best year yet! In my next post I will share how I am going to do this… until then.. have a great new year!soulmate

Benefits of healthy eating!

I’ve been going strong for  over a month now on my healthy eating
image diet coke..lots and lots of pure fresh water. And then I cut out fast foods. ..allowing only chai tea from Starbucks ( hey I’m working on it!). .at first it drove me crazy  not to stop and get my sasuage egg and cheese biscuits every morning.   After all the girl at the drive through..had become my friend.  She’s going to think I moved.. Or died! But after going the nutritional analysis of what was in that ..I don’t miss it..oh sure when I passed a Mickey D’s .thoughts of french fries..or a nice ice cream cone..did pop in my head.m but finally. .nothing..not a twinge..not a glace not one thought of stopping..habit broken…
Now the next thing to go was sugar…after educating myself on all  the non benefits of this little sweet product. .and understanding the propaganda behind it in the food industry. .it’s gone.  Obliterated. .I won’t lie and say it hasn’t been without dire consequences. .headaches..fatigue. .cravings..and down right bitchyness on my part. .even shakes and sickness like symptoms. ..after all its like coming off of crack..or drinking. .America we are addicted to this crap!…
Its in everything processed and packaged that they can but it in.. ( more about that in another post)

Anyway my point of this whole post is…results. unexpected ones at that!..oh I knew making tgese changes would be better for me..even facilitate weight loss.  But what I didn’t realize. Was how great I would Feel!..
Slowly over the course of the month..I noticed a slight change..aftee thw headaches..and withdraws and there I’m not so skin feel softer. .I feel like my face is thinner..I walk with a skip in my stride. .and slowly…I got my ENERGY back.  Some oeoole just think when were heavy were lazy..but the truth I have come to realize is …we don’t have the energy to move it!  Truly…it takes everything we have to get up each day andnjust do the minimum we have to do…period..aftee a while it’s. .just the way it is.. you forget what having energy is all about..and someway..somehow. .you don’t remember ever having it..just washing the dishes..or vacuuming the floor is about all you can do…you just get by..never once realizing why you feel so bad..never really taking the time to could be my unhealthy eating and ways..all of which are habits..
Well last night was a turning point for me..I had to stop.and really think about the past 40 YEARS of my life..and realize. ..Dam…this is how I use to feel…energized! Over the past month I had WORKED hard at getting healthy..Really HARD..going through withdrawal. .sleeping..and sleeping..but wait. ..I noticed I was getting up before the alarm..and I was well rested..I woke up ready for the day! Happy..smiling…hey who is this girl?’s me…happy with life..feeling good…and wait…I noticed I was doing more..noticing more that needed to be done. ..picking things up off the floor ( If your over weight you will understand that). .I wasn’t just plopping down on the couch after work..I was chores I hadn’t been doing..and enjoying it too!
After work it was like I still had all this energy built up inside of me..roaring to go! Where did this come from? ? I hadn’t had a sugar high.. o r even a energy drink.. what the hells going on?
Then it hit me.. this is what it’s suppose to feel like..I remember how I could work all the boys around..come home fix homework..and laundry
.and go to bed at.midnight and do it all over again tomorrow!
I am so frikin EXCITED!  I GOT me BACK!!! IN A MONTH NO LESS!!
WOW…After realizing this..I managed to clean the  living room bathroom..and kitchen before I went to bed.. (started at 9pm)..I was up early. .washing clothes..mopping the floors and walked the dogs.. .all before work!
I am so happy to be reaping the rewards from all of my hard work getting healthy. .reward I had not even thought of!..eating healthy has so many benefits for our health..our hearts and now O realize our happiness!
Don’t spend one more day feeling sick and tired..stop the madness..stop eating the garage that is being put in our food. ..educate yourself on the recent studies on obesity and our food system..know what the labels mean..know the garbage that is being forced into our food system..and help stop it now!. ..I still have a long jouney ahead..but believe you me.. my EYES ARE WIDE OPEN! I like how.I’m feeling..the happiness. .the joy..the energy! And to think ..this is Just the beginning!

Educate yourself to a healthier you!

healthy breakfast
sasuage egg and cheese

As I am traveling on my healthy journey I am trying to educate myself on the why’s and how’s of nutrition..recently I have started to track different area’s of nutrition…not only calories..but carbs,fat,Protein, Sodium and sugar’s…
In doing this I have started to made some comparison’s to what my life was like before in the matters of what I ate daily…I am trying to not only get healthy , but to understand the how and why’s so I do not do it all over again. I think the more I can understand about food and what it does to our bodies..the more we are able to make educated decisions that will benefit our bodies.
Today is my first of what I am sure to be..many comparison’s… I must say I am shocked at the results…it’s no wonder I am fat…in my mind …I was thinking..that One sasuage egg and cheese biscuit..would be better for me than say…donuts from Dunkin doughnuts.. or some type of pastry…but in reality it was worse!

Here is my first Comparison’s….

Item Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar
Hardee’s Sausage, Egg & Cheese 630 37 45 18 1520 4
Glazed Donut 260 31 14 3 330 12
Healthy Meal
2 eggs 120 1 9 12 124 0
2 ww toast 140 13 1 3 125 2
peach fresh 33 8 0 1 0 8
TOTAL 293 22 10 16 249 10

I was shocked that I was eating 630 calories for breakfast! 31 carbs and 1520 of sodium! And this was every week Monday through Friday on my way to work! OMG! And if someone brought donuts..I would eat one or two of those! UGH!

I no longer go through the drive through window at fast food joints..nor do I eat in my car.. I plan my meals..down to the last morsel…some might think this is too rigid for them.. but let me ask you this.. How are you doing with eating on the run? Would you be reading this if it was working for you?? Maybe being rigid is a good thing…and it could help.. I know one day it will all be second nature for me to eat healthy.. but right now I need a plan..and figuring out the nutritional value of what is being put into my body…is my priority these days! I urge you to do the same.. educate yourself..knowledge can be a wonderful tool for you to win your battle with food..we can’t eliminate food I need to learn to live with it..the best way I that I can have a healthy body..yes, I am just beginning to learn about nutrition…but each day I make my numbers in my food diary on MY FITNESS PAL..IT MAKES ME FEEL GOOD!
Give this a try…and get MYFITNESS PAL and start tracking your numbers…it will benefit you…and you will be on the right path to a healthier you! I wish you the best…

Quick fix to weight loss?

I wish I could get this healthy eating down.. I just can’t seem to get it right… after weeks on the low carb diet.. I am off the program.. again…
I can’t seem to get it right…so back to square one…research..more research…and more thinking..I need … I want to do this.. so I will regroup and retry until I get it right..

So this is what I have come up with
there are NO quick fixes to losing magic .. no potions..only hard work..determination and guts! Yep sorry to bust your bubble…if you are reading this wanting to learn where to buy the Magic secret to weigh loss… you can’t…. I believe the magic is in yourself.. and each of us has to find a way to live in our world with all this food around us.. we can’t remove this and than..and never expect to want the old stuff again.. its not going to happen..

So I have decided after trying just about every diet on the planet.. that I am not going to diet anymore. Nope.. not going to do it.. what I am going to do sensibly ..setting a few guide lines along the way to help me make healthy choices..and smart ones at what AM I going to do??

#1 Quit all diet and regular sodas..yep I am now on day two..after the first day of headacks, I learned to drink hot tea to relieve them..thank goodness.

#2 Drink water.. drink water.. and then drink more water… yes I said it. .we all know we should do it.. so now Just do it.. drink water..

#3 Eat all things in moderation…yes , nothing is on the DO NOT EAT LIST..nothing…does that mean I can eat all day long? anything I want? No dears..moderation…

#4 Portion control..yep portions.. measure and weigh your food.. know the serving size and stick to it.. you can have a 1/2 cup of ice cream once in awhile..but NOT everyday…stay within limits..

#5 eating clean is best.. no packaged foods..fresh is best frozen is next..canned if you rinse the food first..

#6 Healthy Plate…1/2 with fruit and vegetables..1/4 with protein and 1/4 carbs..keep that in mind when eating..

#7 pick one day to eat what you want within reason.. plan for it.. special party.. pick that day… the remainder of the week , pick health plate eating

#8 Plan your meals.. at least a day ahead..and better yet..a week at a time. it’s ok if you revise it.. as you go about your week.. but planning will help you stick to the healthy plate plan…

#9 think portion control and calories..yes I said it ….good old fashion calories…decide how many you can have a day and then plan your 3 meals and 2 snacks a day.. remember 6 days of healthy plate eating..

#10. Make a food chart/calendar..put it on the frig and remember to look at it…also have some good low calorie choices for snacks..keep a supply of snack available to you.

#11 NO fast food.Period! That’s not to say you can’t go out to a sit down restaurant. .but No Fast food…if it has a drive through window it’s fast food…

#12 no white bread..we all know why…whole wheat…


#14 Be flexible! ! Tweek it..make it your own..listen to your body. . (Not your stomach) as you make changes you will like how you feel. .and it will guide you to other changes..Ultimate goal is to be healthy. .

#15 Most importantly. …you didn’t gain it overnight. ..and your not going to lose it overnight. .it takes time and patience. ..

Vegan Fresh Fruit Compote

Fresh Fruit Compote
I love the fruits of summer…a lot! I can live on fresh fruit alone! This little gem…is a must for summer…This dessert contains no added sugar or sweetener and makes a delicious, healthful dessert for kids and adults alike. Take advantage of this season’s summer fruit to make this recipe. You can also use it for topping waffles and pancakes , oatmeal…banana soft serve ice cream….


Makes 4 1/2-cup servings

2 cups sliced fresh peaches (peeled, if desired)
2 cups hulled fresh strawberries
1/2 cup white grape juice concentrate or apple juice concentrate


Combine all ingredients in a large saucepan. Bring to a simmer and cook for about 5 minutes, or until fruit just becomes soft. Serve warm or cold.

Taking control of my STOMACH!

Plant based living!

Plant based living!

I am on the Plant based lifestyle track… today was my first day back to work , since starting this.. and I was starved to death.. think I need to eat more for breakfast or take a bigger snack.. I work from 9-3 with no lunch break.. so usually I eat a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast… and I have done that for three weeks.. well….it did not hold me over today!! I think I better add something to that oatmeal!!! I was so hungry I was sick at my stomach! And that never happens to me!! I even drank an extra two bottles of water to help curb it.. but my stomach wasn’t satisfied!!!
So how was I going to handle this, I thought to myself..? As hungry as I am I normally would stop for some fastfood..and gobble down a couple burgers or a fish sandwhich or two and a super size fry and maybe even a hot fudge sundae. BUT that was the old me…I was in control. I can handle this.. so I started thinking what I was going to have the minute I walked in the door…and it felt good to be in control.. I changed my clothing and walked to the garden and picked me some fresh zuchinni, yellow squas, cucumbers a green pepper and cherry tomatoes.. I shredded up the vegies…and heated up a leftover black bean burger and some watermelon I had already cut into chunks… I sat down with a bottled water..and enjoyed my dinner…slowly…mindfully…and when I was done.. I knew my stomach was full…and It was satified… and even better ..I had the VICTORY! Of knowing that I was

Healthy lifestyle dishes !


Living a healthy not just about the food and exercise…it incompasses so much more.. this is going to be a multi-part series on ways to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into your “WHOLE ” life… I know this may seem” like an off the wall kind of subject ..but trust me.. it is another important piece to the Healthy Lifestyle we want to live..

Dishes…yes we all use these..inless your cave like inter self tell you to eat off the floor and with your hands..we humans eat off dishes… plates..can be round, square..big…small….bowls can hold massive helpings of wonderful foods…way bigger that our stomachs…

When I committed to a Healthy Lifestyle..I quickly learned that “visual” importance was clearly clouding my thinking…after all , when I looked at the correct portion sized meal on my very large 12 inch dinner plate… I felt I was “lacking” a proper meal. How could I eat so little and survive…ran through my head…I was use to seeing my 12 inch plate filled to the brim…and me reaching for second and third helpings! This was NOT going to fly in my home! I need to fill up my plate! After all I have always been a proud member of the “empty your plate club”!.. I even got dessert for a reward, for cleaning my plate!!

After just a few days of looking at this wimpy plate of food…( at least in my mind it was wimpy!) I knew for this healthy lifestyle to work. I needed to change my way of thinking.. but years and years of the other way of thinking..was hard to break… what’s a girl to do?????

So I went out in search of a solution! Pretty plates maybe? Hummmmm…off to Pier One I went…and after “viewing” beautiful designed sets of dishes.. I ran across the same problem… SIZE ! The plates we as big as mine at home! Yes they were “prettier” than mine.. but the food is still going to look the same! And the bowls we HUGE! I bet I could get THREE cups of cereal in one of those!! My 1/2 cup of oatmeal in the going to look just awful in on of those things.. although it will look “pretty”!

So I meandered around the store and LOW AND BEHOLD! Right there in front of me was the answer to my prayers!!! Shelf after shelf after shelf of dishes! JUST MY SIZE!

I know it’s the little things in life that make one happy ! But I was “THRILLED” to find my treasure of gold! These were perfect! Just the size I need for my healthy lifestyle.. no more looking at the bowl have empty! My bowl was going to be FULL!!!
I picked up several varieties of dishes… ranging in similar size…and even a smaller plate! Mine is but 4 inches…a huge difference! These are very affordable… and cute..and very portion control friendly! Did I mention how cute they are???

Now when I place my food in my dishes…I don’t feel deprived… My eyes are “full”….another benifit is they take up less space! I can fit all of my dishes on one shelf!

How does this make a difference you ask? Well here are two bowls…

See the difference? Look how BIG the bowl on the left is! And that’s a cereal bowl that came with our regular dishes.. It will hold a whopping 3 cups of food! The one on the right holds one cup! Now for most of us..we fill the bowl with what ever foods we are having.. so if the serving size was one cup..look how much more we are eating.. No wonder America is FAT! The only thing the bowl on the left should be used for is a SALAD!!!

I know one can only wonder, ” how the heck can DISH size make that much of a difference?” ..Well trust me it does! Think about it.. we eat a bowl of healthy cereal in the morning for breakfast and..bam! We are eating triple the amount we are supposed to be eating..! Lunch is a healthy pasta we whipped up..and we fill the bowl again.. another triple the amount we are supposed to be having.. and I bet we are only counting it as “one serving”… For dinner we fill the bowl again…with healthy soup..and yet another triple serving! And yet at the end of the day ..when we tip toe to the scales we ask ourselves..Why didn’t I lose weight?? Well you didn’t lose weight cause at every meal you ate TRIPLE portion size!!

I believe it comes down to mind over matter… we “EAT” with our “eyes” first.. if something doesn’t “look ” appealing..we are not even going to try it! Same goes for portions.. we Often defeat ourselves just by “looking’ at food ..”.Well that isn’t going to fill me up!” Or “Are you kidding me” that’s all I get!!!!! Come on no laughing here.. I know you get it! Our eyes tell our brain..”.hey that little bit of food is NOT going to cut it!!!” We don’t even give our stomach time to say..”yes that was tasty and just enough to fill me up!”

So I decided to TRICK my eye…into thinking it is getting a full bowl, ( or plate ) full of food.. Which by the way a perfect portion for me… I have just been use to eating for three people ..instead of just one.. portions..portions what this is all about folks!

By making my serving bowl/plate smaller.. I am realizing the “correct” Portion size for my foods…I have to retrain my telling my brain.. this is the right amount for me to eat.. this will fill me up! To some this may seem silly.. but I hope there ar more of you out there ..who “get” this!
We have no need for super size anything in our healthy lifestyle world. This makes it easier for me to realize my portion control… along with my weight and measures…which I do faithfully!
Yes I am that person who has to “weigh” or “measure” ALL OF MY FOOD!.. I am the one.. counting the tiny little “fish” crackers from the bag to make sure I don’t get one to many for my serving size!!! And THIS is how I am still doing so well! I count or weight out my portions so I know that I am in control of what I am putting in my body!
This is my Portion control part of the cupboard!
Starting on the left, bottom is my apple core/cutter…then my scales…on to my egg slicer, strawberry cutter and hand mandoline…then my pop up measuring cups and spoons…on the top see my portion control small dressing/sauce container for the lunch box…as well as thermal soup containers..and other measuring cups..
one of the other things I use is these..
Perfect containers for dipping sauces and dressings.. ( always put your dressing portion in a container and dip your salad into it..never on the salad)
And of course serving scoops… I use the smaller one most of the time.. I only showed you the larger one so , again you can see the size difference. The smaller a perfect portion size…

In closing I hope you see how the change to smaller dishes can help you find more success in your healthy lifestyle. It is more satisfying to see a dish full than a third full! And while I “trick” my eyes…I am learing “portion” control.. Which is really an eye opener in its self.! No more eating for three.. I listen to my stomach more these days..than my eyes..I listen to it tell me when its getting full.. and I stop eating. I listen to it when it’s growling.. just want water…I like being in control of what goes into my body.. it makes me feel…at peace within…hey, this healthy working for me.. in so many ways I didn’t expect..I hope it’s working for you too!

Converting our life into a healthy lifestyle..without fast foods!

In a world where you can get the  World-Famous FREE 72oz. STEAK DINNER (if eaten in 1 hour).

72 steak


not to mention Triple decker whoppertriple whopper2


Not to be outdone by McDonalds Double Fish sandwhich

double fish

and yet another in the competive world of supersize…Wendy’s Baconator

wendys baconnator

hey for a mere few dollars more we can make that healthy option at Subway into a contender for SUPER Size status.Oh wait’s now free!double

At Golden Corral we can eat it all! EVERYTHING we could ever want!!!!!! Including the Chocolate Waterfall!!!!

golden corral chocolate waterfall

And you have to pile your plate these all you can eat places..after all don’t you want your money worth???


And for a mere 1,464 calories you can get a large serving of fries at FIVE GUYS! Enough to feed four!


Or how about a Starbucks Hazelnut Signature Hot Chocolate for only 600 Calories! 600 just for a Hot Chocolate!



They throw everything at you with this gigantic sundae served in our own specially made sink! We take three sliced bananas, scoops of your choice of up to 8 flavors of ice creams, 8 servings of toppings, mounds and mounds of whipped cream, chopped toasted almonds and cherries. Serves one (if you dare) to six people. Perfect for birthdays and special celebrations. Includes a picture to take home and one on our Wall of Fame..

kitchen sink

According to the Internet, the average human stomach can comfortably hold about 32 ounces (just under a litre) of fluid. Of course, in a highly-Westernized culture that comes dangerously close to celebrating obesity, I suspect that the “average” stomach can hold quite a bit more.


Case in point: The “Double Gulp” from 7-11, which is a fountain drink designed for consumption by a single person, and which is sold in a portion size of 64 ounces.

Yes, the Double Gulp is appropriately named — it’s twice as big as your stomach should be able to handle. Yikes.

If the science quoted by is correct, your stomach can absorb that amount of liquid only slowly:

Now, your stomach can process liquids at about a rate of 200-400 ml an hour according to research done by Shils et al. in 1994. The rate mostly depends on what else is in your stomach at the time of digestion. Generally speaking, an empty stomach will digest the liquid fastest. This means that if you want to actually drink the entire double big gulp without needing to vomit or otherwise stretch your stomach to extremes it’s not meant to handle, the absolute quickest you could do it, assuming starting on a completely empty stomach and not lucky enough to be an American with our lifetime of practice stretching our stomachs to extremes, will be approximately 4.73 hours.

FOLKS what are we doing to our bodies!!!!!!!!!! In the world of Fast food,Quick meals of drinks that have more calories than our whole daily allotted amounts…we are killing ourselves…one “super sized” meal at a time… when did the switch happen..? When did we go to McDonald’s to get the 25 cent hamburger and ended up getting the double FISH? At what point did we say I want a TRIPLE meat whopper , cause the regular one isn’t enough? When did we find the need to super size our meals?

Do you know the average size portion of meat should be the size of a deck of cards??? I bet you would be hard pressed to go anywhere and serve someone a 3 oz steak and not get yelled out! “WHERE”S  MY STEAK”!!! Our World has become a world of fatties…yea I said it.. FATTIES! Fat asses!!!! PIGGIE WIGGIES!

When we lived In England we went to Kentucky Fried Chicken to get a drink and something to “hold us over” until dinner.. we ordered the popcorn chicken… when we received the bag via the drive through window..I thought We would “PEE” our pants laughing so what we had gotten!! It was the usual looking box with the closed lid..only micro size…with four bites in it!!!!!! Now don’t eat all of those before dinner , I said..!

Not once in England did I ever see an all you can eat place? With every meal/sandwhich..we got a small bit of salad…every meal, even in pubs! Never was I asked to “SUPER SIZE” a meal…

When did American’s become so obsessed with food? And in fat?

I must admit , I was on the train to death by my own hand…I lived the life of fast food..the bigger the better…and by body suffered…terrably! At what point do we say…. Enough is enough…I DON”T WANT THAT!

America , we have to take better care of ourselves… WAKE UP! Smell the roses ( not coffee) and get back on track… we live a dangerous lifestyle , us Americans… one that is sure to wipe out our Nation..

I remember when Jamie Oliver did the  Food Revolution  thing over here.. He was Attacked and ridiculed fearlessly! OMG! Jamie was trying to help American’s.. But, BY GOD NO ONE IS GOING TO TELL OUR COUNTRY HOW TO EAT!

Wake up…Wake UP… if our Nation is going to continue to be on TOP.. we have to learn to put down those burgers and fries that are on every corner of our Country and get back to cooking simple, healthy , balanced meals.. we are going to have to quite relying on food to “feel better” about ourselves.. we are going to have to PUSH our chairs away from the table when full… we are going to have to eat healthier NOW!

America, get on board with this.. take your life back..let your meals be your own again.. forget the fast food..and the triple burgers and fries… More importantly…think more of your life and body than to fill it with all that junk!

Exercise more.. eat healthy and we can live more product lives… get real….look at our obesity rate in this country!

Adult Obesity Facts

Obesity  is common, serious and costly

  • More  than one-third of U.S. adults (35.7%) are obese.
  • ONE THIRD of all American Adults are OBESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • We have to stop this madness… I, for one will do all I can to educate others…to live a healthier shall become my personal Mission in life…. Please join me… stop filling your bodies with junk… NOW!




Letter to yourself


Tonight I wrote a letter to myself… A letter that is only to be opened if I start to think that this whole , healthy lifestyle living is not for me.. and I want to quit…I hope I won’t need that letter.. But if I need it.. I have it..

In the letter I remind myself of all the reasons i want to get healthy.. I remind myself how awful I felt at my highest weight.. and how I thought I might early death , because of my weight.. and how all of the other health issues I was having a direct result of the weight..

I took the time to write the letter , because I don’t want to do back to where I was… I don’t want to quit.. I know that at times it will be hard to continue on my healthy life style journey.. but I wrote the letter to make myself remember all the bad.. and how I don’t want to go back there …ever again..

I remind myself of my goals for the future and what I want to do in my retirement.. teach classes in weight loss.. healthy lifestyle living.. and teach exercise for over 55! I also want to travel…I love travel.. And I want to be a travel agent…

I have to remind my self of all that I want to do.. as a reminder in case I need it.

I want to see my grandchildren be born and grow up.. I want them to know their Nanna….I have so much more living to do.. I have so much time to make up!!! So many years I wasted on life.. because I was too fat…

I will put the letter in an envelope…and put it on the frig.. so I can see it… if I ever think that I want to quit this journey I will open it and read it and cry..and it will remind me..why I wanted to do this journey..why I needed to do this journey…I want to live…

Maybe I won’t need it.. maybe I will continue to change my life in wonderful ways that will keep improving my quality of life… I hope so..but if I don’t.. and I want to quit.. I will read the letter and remind myself.. I want to live..a full healthy my old age… I am not ready for a wheel chair kind of life..

I want this for ME! I hope you will write yourself a letter..just in case you need it.. on any bad day when you want to give up..and you think its just too hard.. read that letter and let it be your encouragement to continue on your healthy life style! Remember your worth it!

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