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Tips…fighting weight loss!

I have researched tips..helps…and must do’s on weight loss… you can google it and find hundreds if not thousands of ideas…. I have sifted through them to come up with the ones I want to implement..
#1 No soda…not even diet… I gave up soda in August and have not looked back!
#2 Drink water.. drink water.. drink water.. your body needs it.. do it..! Add lemon if you like.. but drink it!
#3 Cut out sugar… we don’t need it.. it is useless calories… and it encourage us to over indulge..
#4 No White Flour.. I find that I feel better if I don’t eat white flour..I do use Almond and Coconut flour only!
#5 Limit carbs…carbs are NOT good for us.. period.. empty calories ..I am the first to admit its difficult!
#6 Limit dairy… try other non dairy prive oducts..I can not digest dairy well..
#7 No Cows milk..choose Almond milk… it even comes in chocolate. I am also enjoying coconut milk…!
#8 Use Olive oil…it is good.. also coconut oil..!
#9 Flax Seed…. put it in smoothies…it will help regulate you…once scoop is all you need!
#10 Vegies at every meal.. yes even at breakfast…I love 2 cups of salad in my smoothie! Or in a omelet!
#11 Limit your time sitting down.. limit computer and TV time.. only reward yourself with more time if you exercise!
#12 Exercise..take the stairs instead of the elevator..park further away and walk…join the gym!
#13 Bake…broil and boil and grill…love grilling even in the winter!
#14 Plan ! Plan! Plan ! Always plan your meals for the week! you are less apt to overeat…
#15 Never shop when your hungry…period!
#16 Drink green tea… before and after meals.. it helps with digestion…
#17 End your day with a protein will help burn fat at night
#18 Eat fresh! No packaged foods! Your health will thank you!
#19 MOVE IT! MOVE IT! Move as much as possible!
#20 NO FAST FOOD! Period.. there is nothing good there..nothing…
#21 Eat at the table..not in front of the TV…no seconds..
#22 Use veggies for snacks… it helps you get in your daily requirement!
#23 Use water or hot tea to ward off hunger..drink if you are feeling hungry between meals..
#24 Meditate… it sooths the soul…
#25 Look for things to have as hobbies…get out there and try new things.!
As my list grows I will update this….don’t try them all at once… spread them out… and enjoy!


Choosing a food plan just for you!


I know I am probably get a lot of flack for my choice of food plan to follow..but your not food plan is for each of us..if it was we would all be skinny! We have to figure out the road we want to take..count calories,low fat, low carb, paleo,weight watchers, tops, clean matter which one you has to be personalized for you..I’ve choosen low carb..because I can eat…there I said it.. I can eat real food..and not feel deprived. I love eggs..( ask me that in two months) I love meat.. oh I will miss bread and pasta..and sweets..but I wanted to cut out sugar..and white flour..I have experimented with cutting back on flour and do notice a big change in how I feel. Also I have done Atkins before.. I lose a considerable amount of weight. But had a false sense of security that I would never gain it back..and didn’t work on a Lifetime Maintenance plan. Big mistake on my part. And I have since understood the importance of maintenance in weight loss. No matter what plan you must always figure out and follow a maintenance plan of some kind. If not.. you will be where I am and doing it all over again!
I am all for convenience in the beginning weeks of following my food plan. .on days I work I just want to grab something quickly. And still stay on my program.. Atkins allows that! And tons of choices for me to choose from.

Atkins dinners are a big help for me.. And they taste great! I haven’t met one I didn’t like.. Right now they are a little costly..but I think they are worth it! Tonight I had the Atkins Italian-Style Pasta Bake.. YUMMY! I enjoyed every bite! I hope Atkins will continue to add to this line of only word of caution is that you must limit the number of these you have a day. or It can slow down your weight loss. Atkins has a line of Protein bars.. Protein Drinks and even candies..
mmchchip</a They can help you through any sweet attack..and the protein drinks are to die for! Serve over a big glass of ice..and yummo!…The protein bars fit in my purse for food attacks and late meetings..stopping my hunger! And the best thing is that I stay on track! No trips to the vending machine or coffee shop! just remember to use in moderation!

I will be featuring my review’s on each new Atkins product that I try… nope I’m not a ATKINS paid spokesperson..but maybe one day I could be! Right now I will leave that to…….Sharon!

Gone Gone Gone

I have been gone for over 5 months…I am ashamed to say… and in that time.. I have been on again off again on my journey.. leading me right back to the beginning…UGH!
But I am not going to bang myself in the head about it.. I am just going to move on in the right direction. Thank you to all those who asked my whereabouts.. As I reflect back .. I realize I have been off the wagon way to long.. and for the life of me I can’t understand why..since it seems all I ever do think about losing weight..

So this is a important stepping stone for me.. I am taking a leap of faith here.. and looking up a number to a specialist in weight loss …I don’t want a quick fix.. ok maybe I do want a quick ever I know they are not out there..I don’t want a fad diet.. I don’t want to have surgery.. I just want to fix me.. make me that too much to ask for?

SO today had been a day of reckoning.. for me.. to think how the last five months have passed and I am still in the same spot.. some might say..hey at least you didn’t gain..well that’s probably not a true statement.. because like I said I have been dieting the five months..and I am just at the same place I I more than likely road the roller coaster the last five months..and just by the luck of the draw..checked it at my start my reckoning is that ..this has to stop.. I need to get serious…NOW! I can’t wish it away.. I can’t let someone do it for me.. I have to do it..and I know that.. I’ve always known that.. but now I have to do it..why the change? why the urgent need? Well several reason really..

#1 I fill like shit.. energy level is zero..look like crap..feel unhealthy…look unhealthy..and I want to change..
#2 I want to live.. there I said it.. after all how many 1oo pound 80 year olds do you see? laugh as you might.. but you don’ I creep upon 60 that is only 20 years is the time.. I don’t want to cut myself short!
#3 I want to enjoy my retirement years.. travel..see the rest of the world.. but at this rate I am good if I can walk the block.. I see my breathing changing.. my heart racing.. I only hope I haven’t caused irreplaceable damage to myself..
#4 this weight is too much to carry around anymore.. I’m done.. I’m over it..and I am breaking up with it.. got the T-Shirt and moving on.
#5 I don’t want to be an embarrassment to my family. Although I know I am. I know they love me..but how can you not be ashamed of my out of control eating.. I must be lick the drugging or alcoholic in the family.. no one ever speaks about..
#6 Grandbaby…yes I am going to be a grandma..for the first time in December.. YIPPEEE! I have wanted to be one for as long as I can remember.. I want to get on the floor and play..give piggy back rides..make tents from a sheet and card table..I want to go to the park and play with my grandchild..not sit on the sidelines.. I know that this isn’t the only reason to lose weight..but it sure is a good one! IT’s going to be wonderful to have a little one around’s been so long..even though we are living miles apart.. I want to be in my grandchild’s life as much as possible!

Goals…yes we must set goals in our lives..and do our best to obtain them or..we are just fluttering around like a fish out of water.. if we don’t set goals and strive to met them..we end up no where!

After many hours of soul searching and mindful thinking.. I have developed a plan of attack.. I have declared this BEV TIME! I am preparing my fight against food.. and by GOD I am going to beat this..
Plan of attack
#1 Stay focused..journal everyday.. keeping the task at hand on my mind in my thoughts.. not obsessively. But positively.
#2 Make a food plan.. weekly and stick with it.. plan for it.. plan for snacks.. keeping something in my purse/car incase of emergency’s. Decide what is best for you
#3 Exercise.. daily.. anything.. swim, walk, weights, just do it
#4 Develop a core group of like people who want to do what I am doing..share ideals..thoughts and goals and ideals on how to get there. be a support system for each others.. Maybe meet once a week to discus our week.
#5. Realize you are addicted to food.. no it’s not drug..or alcohol.. but never the less it’s a addiction..admitting it and doing something about it.. is a step in the right direction.
#6 OA continue to go to phone meetings and try to attend a meeting in person once a month. The support will be invaluable.
#7 Figure out my trigger foods and eliminate them from my home.. ( not to say that I can’t ever in my life have them again.. but right now.. I can’t handle them.. or I wouldn’t be where I am today.
#8 Seek doctors support and guidance.. have him follow progress
#9 Talk with a dietitian find out the cost and pay it.. maybe the best advice you ever get.
#10 Realize my plans can be altered if something is not working.. be flexible.. but don’t give yourself an excuse to eat.
#11 Check in with yourself Daily.. what worked what didn’t’s a plan not a can be revised
#12 Set many goals..and reward yourself in small ways for reaching them.(ie. nails done.. movie..etc)
#13 Don’t set yourself up for failure. Make it real
#14 NO FAST FOOD. PERIOD nothing is good about it.. cut it out completely
#15 Eat only when hungry
#16 Drink water..PERIOD
#17 Eat Healthy no processed food..
#18 Constantly be on the look out for new hobbies that get you moving.. new recipes that are healthy..
#19 Make a graph to follow your weight loss
#20 Make a Vision board.. if you can dream it you can be it!
#21 Shut off the TV! Limit your TV intake.. get up and keep moving.. this may be hard at first.. but after awhile it will be come second nature.
#22. Sleep Get plenty of it..7-8 hours.. regardless!
#23 Make yourself priority! This is you time. .and yes, damit ..its all about what is best for you!
#24 Believe it! Believe in your ability to accomplish your goals..
#25 Make you goals obtainable. be realistic about your journey
This my plan of attack.. I may go back and tweak the months to come.. but I will be living this..everyday..even after I reach my goal. I know that fighting my addiction to food..will be a life long battle.. but I am bound to make it a victory!

So come along and join me.. don’t just watch on the sidelines.. be apart of this exciting new found out ..cause I just might be sliding into home plate..with a victory on this one!

Daily Journal #16


Daily Journal #16

Breakfast 2 eggs 1 Carb
Hot tea 0 Carbs
Water 0 Carbs

Salad Wrap 9 Carbs
Hot Tea 0 Carbs
Water 0 Carbs
Dinner 0 Carbs
Low Carb Tortilla 6 Carbs
Chicken 0 Carbs
BBQ sauce 4 Carbs
Water 0 Carbs

Total Daily Count= 20 CARBS
9:00 1 mile
11:30 1 mile
2:30 1 mile
5:00 1 mile Total 4 miles 484 calories burned 45 minutes

NOTES: TODAY I got more engery!!! Keep it coming.. I continued to upgrade my bedroom after rearranging it yesterday.. kept me busy along with doing more laundry…does it ever end??? I am finding that more and is not the front of my mind these days… In fact if it wasn’t for taking medicine.. I would probably have skipped lunch.. not that I recommend that.. I just wasn’t hungry.. which makes me wonder.. if I am not hungry.. do I have to eat? I have to eat something cause my medicine kills my stomach if I don’t .. but the salad wrap… isn’t I don’t mind it..but I am going to try and find something else maybe carb free to eat when I am not hungry and yet need to eat something to take the medicine..humm…have to give that a thought or two!!!
I like the fact food is getting less and less attention in my life..that will help me alot…of course when you have a food addiction and your hobbies are food related ( canning, baking, cooking..bread making) UGH! These are things I love to do…but I am trying to change somethings around so food isn’t so much a part of my life..small changes…like crocheting…that I like.. and you can’t crochet and eat that is for sure! So another change will be to change up my hobbies.. I also need to find a ACTIVE hobby… like hiking.. I use to love hiking..but with the bad knees that has changed…maybe kayaking.. I use to love that …anything in the water would be great!!!

Still loving the swimming.. been three weeks now.. its enjoyable for me..but I am very aware of my size..I wear a bathingsuite with shorts..and a top..they make me take the top off..even though it is made for the water..something about the fibers messing up the pool filter.. I reall doubt if My top will break the thing..but they have this NAZI pool police/lifeguard…who I think is a dirty old man and just likes to see our boobs! One day I will get the nerve to ask the director at the Senior Center..

Taking out the Cable in our house has really been a game changer…you don’t realize how much you just sit in a day and watch show after show…I have to “FIND” things to keep me busy! Once the weather is nicer it won’t be an issue..for now I have the cleanest house in town! And the minute your clothes drop to the floor…before you know it they are cleaned …dried..and back in your closent!! HEHE!

Lately I have been thinking about what I want to do when I get this weight off…and I have come up with a list of sort…#1 Help others win the battle against food addiction
#2 Travel as much as possible…overseas and state side..
#3 Become a travel tour guide? Mananger?
#4 Write a book about food addiction and bring it to the forfront of Doctor’s and other to help people get help for their addiction
#5 Write a guide to becoming active for those who are over 100 pounds over weight
#6 Educate others about this diease…food addiction…
#7 Go around in my RV to promote exercise and healthy eating to Those over 100 pounds overweight …churches…nursing homes…senior centeres..senior housing..retirement centers..

I am sure I will add to this ever growing list…but it is getting there!!!
Hope you have a great day!

Peach tea 0 Carbs

Daily Journal #11


Food Journal

1/2 Cup cottage cheese 90 Calories 4 carbs 14 protein

2 Tab Peanut butter 180 Calories 7 carbs 7 Protein
1 cup raw salad 20

4 oz grilled chicken 211 calories 0 carbs 32 protein

Total amount 501 Calories 11 Carbs 53 protein
2:00 1 mile
4:30 1 mile
6:30 1 mile
8:00 1 mile Total 4 miles 484 calories burned 45 minutes

Notes: Today was another busy day! I went to the Doctor ( it took me 4 hours!) Had my blood work done and physical so I can start the gastric bypass diet~ Once my blood work comes back my DOC will give me the green light.. I took all of my research to her..she went over it with me.. agreeded that there are many risk in having the surgery..( which surprised me)and thinks if all my blood work comes back ok..she will give me the go to do this! And will follow me in my journey! I am excitied about this!! Right now I seem to have no desire (or hunger) to eat…I don’t know why..but right now.. It isn’t going to hurt me to do without! I could stand to get more carbs in my daily eating.. tomorrow I am going to the market to stock up on this to eat….I am going to make my list tonight and be prepared to get more in my days..

I find that I am little energy these past two days.. which bothers me..but I know it will get better in a few days! My mental determination is so great right now..I want to keep it going forever..but I know from past experience it won’t ..there will be days and maybe even weeks when I want to give up in the near future…but I want to remember this feeling at this moment so I can use this to draw upon in those moments when I need it the most! I want this more than anything ..I need this.. I want to be able to play with my future grandchildren..I want my kids to be proud of me.. not ashamed..I want to be healthy. Oh and I am going to Florida on a family trip with my sister, Mom and son in October..I want to swim with the dolphins..and I want pictures lots of pictures of our vacation together..and I want to look good…more motivations to lose it!
So as I go forward I have much hope and excitment for my continued success..and becoming healthy!

Daily Journal #9

Food Journal day #9

2 3-minute eggs 156 calories 1 carb 12 protein
Hot tea
1 oz cheese 78 calories 0.5 carbs 8 protein
Hot tea
Cottage cheese 90 calories 4 carbs 14 protein
hot tea
Chuck eye steak 4 oz…250 Calories 0 carbs 21 Protein
Mushroom and onions grilled 21 calories 3.7 carbs 0 Protein

Total counts 595 Calories 5.05 carbs 55 Protein

8:00 1/2 mile
9:30 1/2 mile
1:00 1 mile
4:00 1 mile
6:00 1/2 mile
7:30 1/2 mile total miles 4 miles 484 calories burned 41 minutes

Notes: Kind of sluggish today… from what I read its because of the low carbness I am doing..and it should go away in a few I will just go with it.. it seems to help when I exercise on the gazzell… also going to the bathroom constantly! Like really really a lot! Good thing I don’t have to leave the house!! LOL! really enjoyed the steak tonight..and the muchrooms and onions were yummy! I need to get to the grocery..but think it will be Friday before I get the chance to go..Got a call about a part time job ..hoping it pans out..I am not hungry at ALL! What the heck? I like it ..but I have to remember to eat…WOW! that has NEVER happened before! I know I didn’t get all of my carbs allowed ( 20) today…but as I said not hungry and I don’t think It will kill this girl to miss a meal or two.. I even made regular peanut butter cookies for my son today.. I wasn’t tempted by them.. I am sooo committed to this healthy lifestyle.. they just didn’t bother me.. not even one tiny bite.. none!!! I am very proud of myself too!!! I feel LIKE DANCING!!!! it really makes me smile!! Going to plan my eating for tomorrow and maybe even go swimming!!! If it is 70 they say ..I will be out walking the dog! thinkin chicken tomorrow!

Daily journal #7


Food Journal

1/2 cup cottage cheese 90 calories 14 protein

Blueberries 42 calories 1 protein

yogurt 100 calories 10 protein
chicken noodle soup 150 calories 7 Protein
Banana 105 calories 1.3 protein
broccoli 50 calories 4.2 Protein
rice 1/2 cup 108 Calories 2 1/2 proein
chicken 92 calories 17.2 protein
blueberries 1/2 cup 42 calories 6 protein

toal amounts 706 calories 69.2 protein

9:00 1 mile
12:00 1 mile
3:00 1 mile 3 miles 364 calories burned

Emotions can change the way we eat..saddness, joy, hurt, lonelyness..can make one over eat or undereat…depending on who you are. for me ..I overeat matter what, happy sad…lonely…joy..hurt..I eat…that is what lead me to my revelation that I am addicted to food..knowing this has helped me to understand my eating issues. I am taking baby steps..but each step forward is firmly planted..because I don’t want to go I have had to deal with saddness over death of people I know..but I was able to keep it together with food choices and not use the food to comfort my saddness.. this is a good thing..

Getting Serious about weight loss

Why I decided to get off my ass and get serious about getting healthy…Due to my weight and size…I have started being limited to what I can do. I use to brag that my weight didn’t stop me from doing what I loved..and it didn’t .. I did everything I wanted to do.. but now my weight is at the point that it does hamper what I do.. I had a knee replacement 2 1/2 years ago..that didn’t turn out like I had hoped for. yes the knee pain was gone..but I didn’t have the mobility I had before.. I never got over 85 % use of my knee.. I can’t bend down on my knee.. and when I walk up and down steps. I have to go sideways.. and now I have a injury to my good leg…right below the knee.. it makes me limp..and it hurts ! So add this to the fact I sit and watch Tv..or am on the computer playing games..several hours a day… and I will just say…it hasn’t helped my weight.. as I watched the pounds pack onto my 5’2″ body.. I realizes more and more..this is not good.. at one point my family said I should apply for disability.. because now I couldn’t work..cause I can’t stand for long periods of time.. a couple weeks ago my son said, I think we need to get you a wheel chair.. and maybe I should bring the walker you used after your knee surgery in for you to get around better…WHAT? I remember thinking…is this how I am going to live out my life..? Is this what I want? Can I live with this?

Well it didn’t take me but all of two seconds to know this is not how I wanted to spend the rest of my life.. I don’t want to be dependent on anyone.. I still have a lot more life to life.. What the hell have I done to myself? And how the hell did I get here? But more the hell am I going to fix this shit?

Off on the computer I went.. I am a canadiate for gastric bypass..but that is when I made the decision that wasn’t really for me. too many risk.. Did I mention I wanted to LIVE life…! So that is when I decided to follow the gastric bypass diet..with a little help from my Doctor..( I see him next week)
So the past six days..( today is day six) I have been slowly cutting calories and trying to get in goal is 2 miles on my gazzell..and I have been able to do three! But I feel that I need to step the exercise up so I am going to start power walking in the swimming pool next week.. which is really exciting to me..

But I have been thinking about my way of life..and it is effecting my health..I have become lifeless…truely…not only do I have a food addiction..but I have somehow started living a unactive lifestyle..
Yes , I realize now that it is a result of my knee surgery..but Until now I didn’t look at how much I don’t move ..I get up, let the dogs out( to the recently fenced in back yard, now no need to walk the dogs)..fix my breakfast and then plop my ass down in the chair and use the TV controller to “surf” what I want to watch.. each hour knowing what is up next on the TV..then I may hobble into the kitchen for a snack before lunch.. and more TV or Internet surfing.. then back into the kitchen for lunch…fixed and ate infront of the TV…after I eat that makes me tired, so It’s time for a nap…which is usually for 4 or 5 hours..up just in time for dinner…in front of the TV..cause it’s time for the news.. and then evening game shows..then prime time shows..ohhhh snack time.. maybe a BIG bowl of BLUE BELL ICE CREAM!! Or a FULL BAG OF CHIPS! No I am not kidding…I may head of to bed about 1 am…only to wake and stroll into the ktichen for a snack..taking it back to bed..yes eating in bed..watching a espisode of FRIENDS..and then back to sleep…only to start all over again tomorrow..

As I type this I am sickened by what I read..tears falling down my Fat cheeks.. it’s I came to this.. I seem to have loss my ZEST for life..I use to be the FUN MOM..FUN AUNT! The adventous one! What the hell happened to me..I seem to have given up on life..period..If I remained on this track of life.. I would surely die way before my time…I am glad that I finally came to my senses…finally addimitted that I have a food addiction..and I need help..just like a alcoholic..or drug addict…I am sick..

So ..I am going on my new journey.. addmitting I am a food addict..addmitting I have to make changes.. just to live..addmiting I have to get my head out of my ass..and do this once and for all.. is it going to be easy.. HELL NO! If it was I would of already done it! But I know with all the love from my family..and frineds…the love of GOD.. I can do this…

Changes aren’t easy… in my head and heart I want this more than anything.. my stomach.. I want Pizza…but I am stronger than my stomach.. I want this so badly..that it will not win..I will win…

So looking back on my daily habits that need changed…I am cleaning house.. starting first with the TV.. yes I did it.. I called the cable company and shut it off.. no more TV.. I can get the news streamed live on my computer..that is what is important.. the other shows.. I can live instead of sitting on my ass watching TV.. I am going to be up and about doing things.. it doesn’t really matter WHAT THINGS.. as long as I am moving.. I am also limiting my time on the computer.. one hour total ..for the whole day! And if that seems to be getting out of control I will shut it off..and only use HOTSPOTS to send my updates..hopefully is won’t come to that.. but I will shut it off ..if I need to…

Meals…snacks…etc.. I am keeping a food journal and planning my day… it’s ok if I change things around a little..but I want to try my best to stay on plan. I plan for everything…meals..snacks.drinks..that way I only have to think about it once day.. it will help with my fixsation with food..I also keep everything I can’t eat…out of the house.. you wouldn’t fill your house with alcohol…if you were a alcoholic…so don’t keep forbiden food’s just too tempting..plan..plan..plan.. I have made the decision not to eat out.. that is what is best right now.. NO FAST FOOD is a given.. no eating in the car.. no eating anywhere but my kitchen table! NOT in front of the TV! Not in BED! Kitchen table.. and write it down!! IF I feel hunger pains..then I drink water or hot tea..first..then if I am still hungry..fruit or protein..small amounts…

Excerise…yea..we all hate that word..but fact is .. we gotta do it.. it will helps us reach our weight loss goals…but not only exercise but being active… parking and walking further than normal…making time to take walks..hikes..yes hikes… with a bum leg..being active is a challenge for me.. but I take that challenge and am determined to MOVE IT MORE! I will take the dogs for walks everyday…they will enjoy it too! I will make housecleaning fun and active! Playing music helps me MOVE IT! MOVE IT!

And I will not let the cold..snow..or rain stop me… if the weather isn’t good enough to walk my neighborhood.. then I will go to the mall and walk..hey any exercise I get is better than what I use to get..right! I can even go to Sam’s Club or Wal Mart to walk…nothing wrong in that! I will put to great use a stability ball that I have in the spare bedroom…again…being active.. I will take up geocaching…partner glove boxing…and use my Wii…yes I have a Wii.. I use to love bowling and boxing on there.. so I will push restart and play! I have a dance 2 game…OH ..yes I will do it ALONE!!! No gawkers!!! LOL! I will find things to do to be active..when the summer comes I will work in the garden and my flower beds…mow the yard with the push mower not the John Deere…and I will trim! Using the gas powered weed eater.. ( CHECK IT OUT)
So here is what my day will look like..
up at 7:00 2-3 miles on the gazzel…
7:30 the kitchen table…
8:00 walk Madolyn around the weather permits..if not.. Wii exercise or walk at SAMS
9:00 clean house or yard
10:00 stability ball or floor exercises…gazzell time.. maybe 1 mile
11:00 Take Winston for a walk..or Wii or Walk at SAMS
12:00 lunch at the kitchen table..or on the outdoor deck if weather permits..
1:00 craftroom/computer time
2:00- 3:30 Swimming…power walking at the Senior center…deep end exercises
3:30-4:00 shower and drive home
4:00 play with the dogs outside…frizbie..etc…if weather is bad..gazzell/floor exercises..or Wii
5:00 dinner prep and eating
6:00 gazzell 2 miles
7:00 watch evening news…computer time eating after 7 pm
8:00 Yoga…meditation..
9:00 evening shower…reading time..
10:00 bedtime..

Now this is the schedule if I have no chores in town for the day.. it will differ if I have to go to town..but I will adjust it is my first day on this schedule.. except the swimming they are not open on the weekend.. I know there is a big change in my day… but I am liking it..and my heart knows it’s for get me healthy.. changes aren’t always easy…but they can become a habit..just as quickly as becoming a couch potatoe..make the move to change to get healthy…your heart will thank you..

I am going to be on the lookout for ways to move it! Move it! I will let you know how it goes!

Scales ,Friend or foe?

scalesbag it our friend or FOE?

There has always been the debate going around on weighing ourselves… should we do it in the morning or afternoon? Should we weigh everyday? Once a week? Are all scales created equal? Why does the Doctors scales weigh be so much more?

I have always hated the scales and dreaded getting on them.. they usually never reflect how I feel my day or week went..and I end up disappointed in the reading..they have been known to make me eat a whole tub of ice cream in one sitting and a complete bag of chips! ( now that really helped me , didn’t it!)

We have a love/ hate kind of relationship with our scales..we love it when we show a loss..and hate it when the number goes up!…but let’s think about this for a minute..many factor go into play for our weight..water gain, exercise..medicine..bathroom habits..moving the different things…if we weigh in the morning right out of bed…we will get a lower number than say..after work in the evening..

If you are exercising a good amount you may be gaining muscle weight..not fat.. so that number on the scales isn’t about gaining weight..if your a woman ..we know that you retain water around that time of the month..again not fat…and different medicines we are on can also make us gain weight..especially steriods..( I know)…

IF the scales can drive you to OVEREAT because of the number…then stay off of them…if a slight gain is going to out you into a tail spain..stay off of them.. if one is truely watching what they eat…and exercing..I would reduce the amount of weight ins to once every two weeks or so..

Now if you can gafe off the results on the scales everyday and chalk it up to something…then by all means weigh as often as you like..

I am undecided…on what I want to do..sometimes they frustrate me this morning…I was up two pounds.. how can that be? I am exercising.. drinking my water..and eating low calorie..and I am up? So Instead of reaching for the remainder of the Blue Bell Rocky Road Ice Cream in my freezer.. I sat down and thought about it.. I know I am not cheating. .I know I am eating right.. exercising more than I have been…but…I did forget my waterpill yesterday when i got up so late…and I did start another round of steriods…and I didn’t drink quite as much as I had been since I got a late the number on the dial my be justified…there I said it..justified.. and you know what..that’s ok…I am not going to let it get to me.. I am not going to let my number on the scales dictate my day.. I am going about my day the best way possible..and I will wait a day or two to weigh again..end of story..

But we all know that in the back of my mind I am thinking WTH? I thought I’d be down at least a pound… I will ahave a conversation about that day scale in my head a million times today.. or is it worth it to weigh in?

I think we need some accountability… after all look where we are.. It is too easy to get off track and it turn into a 5 or 10 pound gain…quickly!…so we have to explore the right time to weigh in for each of us.. for one is may be everyday..and for another it may be once a week..we have to learn how we best can handle the number on the scale..

I am going to wait a couple days to weigh in my best to get in all my water..and exercise I can.. so when I get on the scale in a couple days…it will be a loss..Every couple days is good enough for me.. And I may even start doing it once a week.. we’ll see.. no matter what you choose to do..just make sure the scales don’t ruin your day.. we’ve worked so hard to get to where we isn’t good to go backwards…

So put on your big girl ( or boy) patties and man up to the scales..on your own time.. breathe…deep breaths..and hopefully smile for each loss is another win in our battle to beat our food addiction!


My ever changing plan

Learning to life a healthy lifestyle can be a trying time. It’s not cut and dry at all.. It is a ever changing… learning as much as you can along the way.. and adapting to you. Plant based lifestyle is my goal.. however I learned quickly that it can be difficult to go from Bad eating habits of a lifetime to 100% change.

I am not beating myself over this.. I am living a healthy lifestyle..which is a 360 turn around for me.. I have given up all meat..and eggs..I still eat a tiny amount of cheese..and a tablespoon of oil for stir fry now and again. I don’t eat processed food in packages..But do eat canned beans and vegetables , if I do not have fresh or frozen. When I am at someone else’s home , I don’t balk at what they are serving.. I look around and figure out my best options. Sometimes I feel I am eating too much I am trying to monitor this . The last week I didn’t feel like I got enough fresh veggies.. so I have started to write down what I am eating.. and pushing for more and more veggies.. I do ok at night but during the day..can be difficult.

I think the take away from this is that you need to stop and think about what you are eating anytime you change your patterns.. When you do this, you need to monitor yourself and see if it’s working for you.. and if it’s not figure what adjustments you need to make. It’s really all about you.. and what works for your life.
Also as I try and educate myself on healthy eating, I find more ideals that I want to try..

We all need to drink more water..I think I get my fair share in.. daily, but have changed things up a starting my day with TWO glasses of water to get me going! By noon I can ususally get in another two bottles..and another two before dinner…finishing with a big glass before bed…Water is so good for just can’t drink enough! I don’t just figure I am getting enough in my diet.. I make sure I am!

As i said earlier..I need veggies..and fruit. I just started trying to get as many veggies and fruits as possible in my day…I still have my oatmeal for breakfast,but I top it with lots of fruit now.. today I added a whole peach, sliced…5 fresh strawberries and a handful of blueberries.. It was very filling! And I felt good getting all that fruit in .. I was so full I didn’t need a snack in the morning.. it carried me through to lunch.. lunch is usually on the run.. with foods I know I can have.. but today I took the time.. made a big ole Kale salad..with sunflower seeds, raisins…and carrots..again a great way to get in my veggies.. and very filling..

With a little planning I was able to really BOOST my veggie and fruit intake..mindful eating is a great thing..
Although I am not completely plant based.. I know I am on the road to there..and doing my best along the way.
Taking my time..and carefull planning will get me there.

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