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Tips…fighting weight loss!

I have researched tips..helps…and must do’s on weight loss… you can google it and find hundreds if not thousands of ideas…. I have sifted through them to come up with the ones I want to implement..
#1 No soda…not even diet… I gave up soda in August and have not looked back!
#2 Drink water.. drink water.. drink water.. your body needs it.. do it..! Add lemon if you like.. but drink it!
#3 Cut out sugar… we don’t need it.. it is useless calories… and it encourage us to over indulge..
#4 No White Flour.. I find that I feel better if I don’t eat white flour..I do use Almond and Coconut flour only!
#5 Limit carbs…carbs are NOT good for us.. period.. empty calories ..I am the first to admit its difficult!
#6 Limit dairy… try other non dairy prive oducts..I can not digest dairy well..
#7 No Cows milk..choose Almond milk… it even comes in chocolate. I am also enjoying coconut milk…!
#8 Use Olive oil…it is good.. also coconut oil..!
#9 Flax Seed…. put it in smoothies…it will help regulate you…once scoop is all you need!
#10 Vegies at every meal.. yes even at breakfast…I love 2 cups of salad in my smoothie! Or in a omelet!
#11 Limit your time sitting down.. limit computer and TV time.. only reward yourself with more time if you exercise!
#12 Exercise..take the stairs instead of the elevator..park further away and walk…join the gym!
#13 Bake…broil and boil and grill…love grilling even in the winter!
#14 Plan ! Plan! Plan ! Always plan your meals for the week! you are less apt to overeat…
#15 Never shop when your hungry…period!
#16 Drink green tea… before and after meals.. it helps with digestion…
#17 End your day with a protein will help burn fat at night
#18 Eat fresh! No packaged foods! Your health will thank you!
#19 MOVE IT! MOVE IT! Move as much as possible!
#20 NO FAST FOOD! Period.. there is nothing good there..nothing…
#21 Eat at the table..not in front of the TV…no seconds..
#22 Use veggies for snacks… it helps you get in your daily requirement!
#23 Use water or hot tea to ward off hunger..drink if you are feeling hungry between meals..
#24 Meditate… it sooths the soul…
#25 Look for things to have as hobbies…get out there and try new things.!
As my list grows I will update this….don’t try them all at once… spread them out… and enjoy!


Educate yourself to a healthier you!

healthy breakfast
sasuage egg and cheese

As I am traveling on my healthy journey I am trying to educate myself on the why’s and how’s of nutrition..recently I have started to track different area’s of nutrition…not only calories..but carbs,fat,Protein, Sodium and sugar’s…
In doing this I have started to made some comparison’s to what my life was like before in the matters of what I ate daily…I am trying to not only get healthy , but to understand the how and why’s so I do not do it all over again. I think the more I can understand about food and what it does to our bodies..the more we are able to make educated decisions that will benefit our bodies.
Today is my first of what I am sure to be..many comparison’s… I must say I am shocked at the results…it’s no wonder I am fat…in my mind …I was thinking..that One sasuage egg and cheese biscuit..would be better for me than say…donuts from Dunkin doughnuts.. or some type of pastry…but in reality it was worse!

Here is my first Comparison’s….

Item Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar
Hardee’s Sausage, Egg & Cheese 630 37 45 18 1520 4
Glazed Donut 260 31 14 3 330 12
Healthy Meal
2 eggs 120 1 9 12 124 0
2 ww toast 140 13 1 3 125 2
peach fresh 33 8 0 1 0 8
TOTAL 293 22 10 16 249 10

I was shocked that I was eating 630 calories for breakfast! 31 carbs and 1520 of sodium! And this was every week Monday through Friday on my way to work! OMG! And if someone brought donuts..I would eat one or two of those! UGH!

I no longer go through the drive through window at fast food joints..nor do I eat in my car.. I plan my meals..down to the last morsel…some might think this is too rigid for them.. but let me ask you this.. How are you doing with eating on the run? Would you be reading this if it was working for you?? Maybe being rigid is a good thing…and it could help.. I know one day it will all be second nature for me to eat healthy.. but right now I need a plan..and figuring out the nutritional value of what is being put into my body…is my priority these days! I urge you to do the same.. educate yourself..knowledge can be a wonderful tool for you to win your battle with food..we can’t eliminate food I need to learn to live with it..the best way I that I can have a healthy body..yes, I am just beginning to learn about nutrition…but each day I make my numbers in my food diary on MY FITNESS PAL..IT MAKES ME FEEL GOOD!
Give this a try…and get MYFITNESS PAL and start tracking your numbers…it will benefit you…and you will be on the right path to a healthier you! I wish you the best…


Food-AddictI can’t imagine what its like to be a drug want a high so badly you will go through thousands of dollars just to get a high..I don’t like to take over the counter drugs unless necessary…let alone the hard stuff..when I had my knee operation..I didn’t like taking the pain medicine..because of the way it makes me feel..I would rather have the pain…how can you like how that makes you feel? And not knowing if the next high is going to kill you… or not..a chance I am not willing to take…why take something that isn’t going to let you remember what the heck you did the night before? I just can’t wrap my head around this…

I can’t imagine what it’s like to NEED a drink everyday… I have beer and wine in my frig that had been there over a year now..I know for some, that it would of been gone the next day….everyday they stop and grab that 12 pack on the way home…and finish it off..before bedtime…Don’t get me wrong.. I enjoy a nice glass of wine..but the rest of the bottle goes to waste…I may have a white Russian if I am out for dinner..but one is enough.. I’ve never been drunk…NEVER… Two glasses of wine and I know I don’t like how it make me feel.. I like having complete control…I don’t like how alcohol makes me feel.. I can’t understand why people can’t see that they can’t drive after have too much? If you fumble while getting the keys in the ignition.. don’t drive.. it’s a no brainer.. how do you like laying by the toilet and puking your guts out? Yet, You still enjoy doing it all over again..tomorrow.. Not me…lives and familes are ruined by alcohol…why do it?

I enjoy sex.. but I can’t imagine being addicted to it and giving up my body to anyone that I meet….or being addicted to looking at it…people meet in the back alley and arrange sex…with a stranger and then go home to their partner..and do it again.. I’d be afraid some creep would kill me.. or that I would end up with a STD..or even AIDS..isn’t this degrading to you? How can you be addicted to this? How does it even begin?

And don’t get me started on cigarettes…I’ve kissed a man who smoked and it tasted awful! I have lived with a smoker and seen his yellow teeth and smelled the smoke on his clothing.. I hated it.. how can you want to stick a cig in your mouth and do all that harm to your lungs! We have all seen the pictures of the smokers lungs…black with tar like substance …and the cancer.. they spend millions of dollars on campaigns to keep young kids to stop..and yet.. its a multi dollar business… no matter what anyone says.. it’s not cool to smoke..not to mention the cost of a carton of those things! How do you like spending all of your hard earned money like that??? Up in smoke!
No I can’t understand how a person gets addicted to smoking.. drinking.. drugs..and sex…..those things don’t interest me…however….
I do under stand being addicted to food.. I understand how it make me feel better after a long day at work.. I understand that no matter how bad my day goes..that I can turn to the freezer and reach for the half gallon of ice cream… and eat myself happy…
I get great pleasure out of eating.. it comforts my soul.. it can make a bad day better.. a can heal my broken heart.. and make me feel better inside..I use food like a druggie uses a needle.. it make me feel better.. and it’s not illegal.. No one cares if I stuff myself and weigh 300 pounds.. no one says a word…

In fact many family and friends of mine are are enablers … my hook pimp…my dealer…see they make things to eat that I like and they even encourage me to eat me.. oh I am not blaming them.. I am just telling you they are enablers..and they don’t even know it..

If I was a alcoholic..would you ask me over to your house and offer me a drink? Or if I was a addicted to drugs..would you ask me over and have some on a silver platter for me?
If you saw me destroying myself with alcohol and drugs.. you would intervene? Why of course you would..
then why don’t you do that for me..? The food addict? Why not encourage me to seek help for my addiction???
Why not talk to me as my weight rises..and not ignore it?
Do you think I enjoy being fat? DO you think I just eat to much so I am getting fat? Do you even care?
It’s a disease that is not spoken about..after all you don’t want to hurt my feelings, right?

I have often said that I wish I wouldn’t have taken up the food addiction vise.. why? Cause I can get no help..if I was addicted to just about anything insurance would pay for me to get help.. and certainly my family would seek that help for me.. out of sight out of mind..with alcohol..drugs.and tabacco…
but not with food addiction.. I still have to eat.. and to someone that LOVES food and is addicted to it.. there is no half ass way to do it.. all of nothing..yes , I eat all…everything.. and then afterwards I feel guilt..shame.. and despair.. which in turns makes me want to eat more to make me feel better..its a vicious that is difficult to break..but I am trying..
I started attending OA, Overeaters Anonymous …I attend the phone meetings.. it helps me be more aware..of what I am eating.. and allows me to be accountable..this helps family still doesn’t get it.. nor my friends.. and I understand that. it’s really ok..I need to get through this..breakthrough my addiction myself..and with GOD.. at my side..
I hope that one day people who have a food addiction will have a place to get help..a outreach program..even a in house program to learn how to eat again.. I am going to beat this food addiction.. even if I feel that it is the hardest addiction on earth to kick.. after all I can drive down one block and find a fast food joint..just waiting to help me get my food fix! Hell they even have Dollar menu …that I can always afford something to fill my need…I get to walk the isle at Walmart and find just about any food that I want to get my fix..and if I am lucky..they are giving out samples… and being the kind person that I am.. sometimes they will give me seconds! Every second of every day food is on my mind.. every where I look..on TV on Bill Magazines.. I can find food porn.. and something new that could help me stay in this addiction!
But I want out… I have to get out.. I need to get out..I want out! So step by step. I will fight back.. I am stepping up and taking responsibility for my choices…I am eliminating many unhealthy things.. I started with Diet Coke.. I use to drink 6=8 a day.. I have been diet coke free for three weeks now.. and I feel better already.. my heartburn at night has stopped.. and I thirst for water now.. the colder the better! Now I have eliminated fast foods..I don’t go.. I can’t go.. I don’t have’s not good for me.. so I am removing it from my life… will be packaged food…all packaged foods..then white flour…baby steps..tomorrow is my first face to face OA meeting .. and I am scared shitless! But I am going… I am not sure what to expect…but I am looking forward to this very much.. the phone meetings are great..but this will be even better! wish me luck.. .and to those who are suffering with food addiction.. please reach out to someone.. a friend. pastor…ask for help… and find OA ..go to the internet and find the phone numbers and conference call code to does help..

Good Morning!

I made it through the evening without touching that Blue Bell Ice Cream in my freezer! And I feel GREAT about that!! This morning I ate a sausage , egg, peppers and cheese breakfast bowl! Yes from Atkins! And I loved every bite! Now I am sipping on some hot tea..this first day of August, 2014..because it feels like a fall day! Only 60’s today, and chance of rain!

It’s now 9:57 am and already I have cleaned the kitchen..washed two loads of clothes..but a roast on to cook..cleaned out the pool…gave the dog a bathe…and finally sitting down to blogging…for just a bit…WOW! Far cry from Miss drag my ass out of bed girl! Energy is coming back.. and I like it! No heavy loaded down feeling…interesting observation..and all I did was change what foods I decided to put in my body..interesting..

I tons more stuff to do today.. still unpacking from my two week stay with my Mum in Ohio.. wishing I was still with her right now..ok slap my face and knock me back into reality…lots to do.. final exams to study for..(yek) and a bedroom to reorganize so our favorite guest can sleep in there when they come to visit!

Just wanted to share with you my changed in energy level..and my hunger pains are finally calming down..going to do some meal planning that I will share with you all later…I am going to save this as a draft..and finish this evening..

I made a roast today for dinner.. since I have a unhealthy relationship with food.. I wanted to make sure I didn’t sit down and eat the whole I made plans to make the cooked roast into several different meals. For my son.. I added potatoes, onions and carrots..he ate it for lunch and dinner..
I had a portion for dinner ( mine has roast, onions, baby carrot and French green beans…) and then I made three to freeze.. I added some french green beans and one chopped tiny carrot to each. I also used a cup of water and a packet of seasoning to the whole carb count is ( 2 carbs for seasoning, 1 for baby carrot & onion..and 2 for French cut green beans) Total 5 carbs for the meal. Plus No things in it I don’t want!
I have wrapped them well with plastic wrap.. if they cook up well after freezing them I will be making more..keep posted for updates and recipes for my frozen low carb meals!
I like the fact that I knew that it was possible that I would eat the whole roast..and recognized that I needed to portion it out into meals.. recognizing these little things is important to my success !

Broiled Parmesan Garlic crusted Tilapia


Broiled Tilapia Parmesan
1/2 cup Parmesan cheese
1/4 cup butter, softened
3 tablespoons mayonnaise
2 tablespoonsfresh lemon juice
(found these at Trader Joes!)
2 Cubes of basil
2 Cubes of Diced Garlic
1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
2 pounds tilapia fillets
makes 8 servings

Heat broiler on high . Directions..mix all ingredients, except fish, in a bowl..
mixing well..pat fish filets dry with paper towel..
let set for a few minutes…prepare a cookie sheet with parchment paper..spray with Pam. Dip fish filets one at a time into mixture..making sure to coat both sides.
lay on parchemnt paper..continue with remainder of the fish filets. Place under broiler being careful to watch so they do not burn. This cooks very quickly. Cook 2-3 minutes and then flip the fish over to the other side..broil another 2-3 minutes..remove from oven and cover with foil..
let set for 4-5 minutes..and then serve.. if they are not done enough to our liking.. you can microwave each filet on a plate for 60-90 seconds..
Mine was done just right. But if you have a thick filet like may need longer cooking time..

Daily journal #7


Food Journal

1/2 cup cottage cheese 90 calories 14 protein

Blueberries 42 calories 1 protein

yogurt 100 calories 10 protein
chicken noodle soup 150 calories 7 Protein
Banana 105 calories 1.3 protein
broccoli 50 calories 4.2 Protein
rice 1/2 cup 108 Calories 2 1/2 proein
chicken 92 calories 17.2 protein
blueberries 1/2 cup 42 calories 6 protein

toal amounts 706 calories 69.2 protein

9:00 1 mile
12:00 1 mile
3:00 1 mile 3 miles 364 calories burned

Emotions can change the way we eat..saddness, joy, hurt, lonelyness..can make one over eat or undereat…depending on who you are. for me ..I overeat matter what, happy sad…lonely…joy..hurt..I eat…that is what lead me to my revelation that I am addicted to food..knowing this has helped me to understand my eating issues. I am taking baby steps..but each step forward is firmly planted..because I don’t want to go I have had to deal with saddness over death of people I know..but I was able to keep it together with food choices and not use the food to comfort my saddness.. this is a good thing..

Daily Journal #6


Daily Food Journal #6
Oatmeal 158 Calories 6 Protein
hot tea
chicken noodle soup 150 Calories 7 Protein
hot tea water

Protein Drink 130 Calories 11 Protein

chicken 2 oz 125 protein 15
broccoli 1 cup 31 calories 2.6 Protein
hot tea
hot tea
Total counts 594 Calories 41.6 Protein

9:00 1/2 mile
10:30 1/2 mile
12:00 1/2 mile 3 miles 364 caloried burned
2:00 1/2 mile
4:00 1/2 mile
7:00 1/2 mile

Notes: today was a fantastic day… I even walked for an hour a Wal mart and an hour at Sams Club! Lots of walking today! I have sorted some things out in my head …to do with movin it! And getting more active…which makes me happy happy!
I ate when I was scheduled to more and no less…this is a good thing!

Easy Peasy Oatmeal raisin cookie in a cup!


I wanted “something” after dinner tonight.. but wasn’t sure what.. And for some reason.. I was out of fresh ..canned or frozen fruit!!!! That usually never happens…??? So what’s a girl to do??? I have seen the zillion cookies in a cup on pinterest…While they all look wonderful…they were filled with butter and white sugar!
So I revamped it a bit.. and this is what I came up with! And I got to uuse my Paris CUP!

1/2 Cup oats ( not instant)
2 bananas mashed
1 tab cinnamon
2 Teaspoons Baking Powder
1 Tab Honey
4 tab raisins
3 Tab Oat flour ( or almond Flour)
1 tab vanilla
mix it all together and put in a large coffee cup and microwave for 75-80 seconds… let sit in the cup for a couple cool…and then dig in.. if you wanted you could put a scoop of banana ice cream on top!
cookie 13

Matt Hoover Winner of Biggest Loser Interview ..weight loss tips!

mattMatt Hoover winner of biggest loser …interview on weight loss tips!
This is great! Many of the tips we have talked about…even if you are not doing Weight Watchers..these are great tips!!
Matt Hoover:
DRINK YOUR WATER – I always drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. It helps me to keep a large glass of water w/ice with me at all times and when I am away from home I always have a bottle of water that I can refill at any time.

BE PREPARED – When I go grocery shopping I ALWAYS have my W.W. Slide Rule with me to help ME decide what items will come home with me. For snack items I NEVER bring anything into the house that is more than 2 pts. per serving. If the wrong food items are in the house I know I have no willpower and at my weak moments I will gobble them up and then be sorry afterwards. I like to take the temptation out of my reach!

MARK YOUR GROCERIES WITH POINTS – After I get my groceries home I take a black marker and mark the points right on the food item – this way I don’t have to bother looking the points up when I get ready to make a meal or eat that food item. This makes following the program and tracking my points EASY, which is going to help me STAY ON PROGRAM. If it becomes a chore I will quit for sure!

PRE-BAG & MARK WITH POINT VALUE – When I buy snacks or anything in bulk, I take the time to weigh out the serving size (such as Air Crisp Pretzels), put the servings in baggies and mark the points on the baggie. Now, when you want a snack all you have to do is grab a baggie which is portioned out with the points on it. As I said in #3, EASY, EASY, EASY! It is time consuming ONCE but you’ll be happy you did it.

PLAN FOR THE DAY – When I leave the house for the “day” I pack a large lunch box with foods that I might eat during the day – being prepared when not at home is the key to staying away from Fast Food, which is very high in points and give you very little satisfaction – you will be hungry shortly thereafter and no points left with which to eat. I prepare all the foods to “grab” (if I pack an orange I will peel it, section it and put it in a baggie) in case I’m driving when I get hungry. As I’m packing my lunch box for the day I write down all the points of the food in the lunchbox…..if, when I get home, I don’t eat it all it is very easy and pleasurable, to take the points back.

ORGANIZE – I keep a list of all my favorite brand name foods so I don’t have to refigure them all the time….just look it up and mark the item.

ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT WHEN EATING OUT – When I eat out I ask the waitress if she could ask the cook to bring me half of what I ordered – this way I am watching my portion size and the food is not going to waste – most times the restaurants have no problem with this. Also, if it cannot be done, I eat half of the meal and then ask the waitress to immediately take the plate away (otherwise I WILL eat the whole thing). Be aware of your weaknesses and don’t set yourself up!

DON’T DENY YOURSELF – I have tried a lot of different healthy foods. I DON’T eat anything I don’t like “because it is healthier”. For example: I don’t really like the non-fat or lite, for that matter, salad dressing. So, I ALWAYS order it on the side (Blue Cheese is my favorite) and use a fork. This way I am only eating about a teaspoon for my whole salad and I’m not suffering because I’m eating what I like. When you force yourself to eat what you think you should instead of what you like you will quit and go back to your old eating habits. Don’t DENY yourself – you want a healthier eating plan that you can live with.

DO “SMART GROCERY SHOPPING” – I always hit the produce aisle FIRST – don’t be afraid even if prices are high. I was afraid at first that my food bill would double with all the “healthy” foods but have found that eating healthy did not cost any more money. Controlling my portions makes the foods last longer (before my lifestyle change I could eat a whole box of Air Crisp Pretzels – now they last about 10-15 days – ONE BOX!).

ENJOY SPECIAL OCCASIONS – When I go to parties, family gatherings, weddings, etc. I eat a couple spoonfuls of everything I want. This way you are not feeling “deprived” and you are not going off program. I also make sure I eat a small breakfast before going, along with about half of my water for the day – this keeps you from overeating.

EXERCISE – Schedule your activity into your day – remember, it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do some activity. Every little bit helps. I personally have to do my workout early in the morning, the first thing, otherwise I WILL NOT DO IT! So, I get up very early and get my 1 1/2 hour workout done first thing. I do this 3 times a week and on the other days I bowl or do other activities. If you cannot get out of the house try marching in front of your favorite TV program.

WRITE DOWN MEALS WITH POINTS – When I have put a meal together that I like and figured the points for everything in that meal, I write it down so the next time all I have to do is look up the points for that particular meal. Again, EASY, EASY, EASY!

NEVER MISS A MEETING – Please don’t underestimate the power of group support. I would be lost without it. I never miss a meeting unless I am out of town and I try to go to a meeting even then. I have been very fortunate to have found a WONDERFUL, understanding, supportive leader. If you don’t care for your leader go to another meeting and keep going until you find one that you are comfortable with. The meetings help you stay motivated and let you know that you are not alone in this. I can honestly tell you that I look forward to going to my meetings! Another great benefit from going to your meetings is the wonderful new friends you will make – I have truly been blessed!

WRITE EVERYTHING YOU EAT DOWN – This keeps you honest and holds you accountable for everything you put in your mouth. It also lets you know the areas where you are lacking (vegetables, fruits, etc). You would be surprised how fast the points add up! It is a good tool to help you get and maintain a healthy eating lifestyle.

DON’T BE AFRAID TO TRY NEW FOOD CHOICES – I have discovered I like fresh mushrooms and many other vegetables which I thought I didn’t like (mainly because I didn’t bother trying them before).

TAKE BABY STEPS – Try journaling for one week, drinking water for the next one, walking a couple times a week for the next week, etc. Trying to do TOO MUCH at once can be overwhelming! Take baby steps – you will get there in no time and the WHOLE program will come together. Don’t focus or think about the amount of weight you have to lose.

TRADE JOURNALS WITH A FRIEND THROUGH EMAIL – I have been at goal weight now over 16 months. My best friend Tammy (she is LIFETIME also) and I decided we are going to send our Daily Food Journals to each other when we are having a rough time. This keeps us accountable and on track. As a LIFETIME member and under goal I don’t journal all the time – only when I have a rough time (which happens, believe me!). Then I get out all my materials and start from scratch and it usually gets me back on track.

*———————————-Best Pizza and Bread Sticks ever…and it has NO Flour crust!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pizza23I have been following blogger Jamie for some time … she has the blog..Your Lighter side… she came up with the original Cauliflower Pizza Crust…You can add any toppings you like..but we are going to give you the recipe for Vegetable pizza here… with Gourmet Vegetarian Toppings
Don’t be the cauliflower pizza crust… you must try this… it is soooo good…don’t tell your family..they will never know…it will be our secret! Oh the Bread sticks are out of this world too! To get the recipe go to this link…

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