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Low Carb Root Beer Float

Every now and then I want a “treat”…without going off my food plan.. this Low Carb Root Beer Float does the trick!! And it’s so easy!!!

Low Carb Root Beer Float
4-6 ice cubes
ice to fill your glass
1 cup Root Beer
2 Tab Half & half
1 Teaspoon vanilla
squirt of whipped cream
Place all ingredients in blender or magic bullet..blending well..
then pour over ice..add a squirt of whipped cream to top it all off! ENJOY!
You can also add a scoop of low carb Protein!
Diet Orange soda
Diet Cherry 7-up
Diet Vanilla Coke
Diet Grape Soda


Faux fried chicken bites! YUMMO!


This Faux fried chicken is crazy good folks!!! I can’t believe it’s not Chicken!! It is just as flavorful as a piece of your grandma’s best Fried chicken on a Sunday afternoon! And NO CHICKEN’S were killed to make it!! This is one for the recipe vault folks! Your children, grandchildren and even adults will love this recipe.. and it’s quick and easy!! Your kids and grandkids will ask for these over and much better than those pressed chick nugget things at some fast food joint! And so much better for them!! And well, let’s just say if you don’t tell them it’s tofu.. I won’t mention a thing!!! Sometimes the less they know..they better they eat!

Give these a try…and let me know what you think!!!

First thing first.. go find you some, Better Than Bouillon, No Chicken is Vegan certified…
sure to pick up the Vegetarian Base one’s.. They have a beef NO BEEF one too!nochicken

Mix The better than bouillon as follows:
Measure out your “Better than Bouillon” base into a small mixing bowl;
– break or mash up the base with a fork or spoon so that it is not one big glob;
– add a very little bit of boiling water to moisten the base and stir,
– keep adding just a little bit of boiling water at a time to the base mixture and stir
If you add “too much” water at one time to the base mixture,
the water and the base tend to remain separated.
Adding just a little bit of boiling water at a time enables you to use mechanical force with your stirrer to better get the water absorbed into the base mixture.

After you mix up enough to “cover” your Amount of Firm TOFU….put it in a container that is sealable… Next take the TOFU about you want to use.. I used about a quarter of my block. Only because I didn’t want to eat tooooo many of these….believe me I would of ate them all ..they are that good!! You can buy TOFU that is already cubed for you ..or if you bought the whole block of TOFU..cut the amount you want off the block..putting the rest back in some clean water and in the frig covered… Take you TOFU and cut into chunks.. and put into the Bouillon broth you have already made up. Let this marinade at least four hours and it is best , if you can let it marinade overnight. After you have marinated it… pat it dry with some paper towels… this is a important step..we want to get some of the extra moisture out of the TOFU… Once this is are ready to dredge into the flower mixture and spices…I used 1 cup of flour …2 Tab Black paper..2 Tab paprika…a dash of salt..I also used a little Texas seasoning from Tex Joy…I dredge the tofu, let it sit for about five minutes and then dredge it again…tofuch2 in a frying pan on the stove I placed..a small amount of refined coconut oil. This is best sometimes the regular coconut oil is a little too strong for frying. Get your oil nice and hot and start dropping in the Floured TOFU just like “fried” chicken.. it takes time.. using a medium to low heat..let the tofu pieces brown..I used a wooden spatula and moved the tofu over once on each side.. this takes patients.tofuch4.but it will be worth it.. once the TOFU is golden brown ,remove from pan and drain on a paper towel…serve can use any dipping sauce you fancy.. I like mustard with a little honey for mine..tofuch9 I hope you enjoy these.. please write and let me know how you liked them! And don’t forget to like my blog so you can follow me!!

Artisan Vegetable Tart

tart25 With a garden FULL of cherry tomatoes I needed something special to showcase these fresh little beauties!! So I came up with the “Artisan vegetable tart”, with Cherry tomatoes, caramelized onions, mushrooms and spinach! Yummo!
This was a huge hit with my family! I must say it turned it nicely!
And it was a breeze to make!! I hope your family enjoys it as much as we did, and it becomes a part of your “favorite” dishes! Let me a note and let me know what you think..and please follow my blog!!

Artisan Vegetable Tart
preheat oven to 400 degrees
1 1/2 cup flour (A/P white flour or almond flour)
1/2 Cup COLD butter ( if vegan use butter substitute or omit)
1/2 t. salt
1/2 Cup fresh shredded parmesan cheese or Vegan cheese or Nurtitional Yeast
1/2 t. lemon juice
1/2 Cup ICE cold water
Cut a stick of butter into 12 pieces and place in freezer ( if your vegan omit this)
In a food processor add flour, salt and parmesan cheese. Give it a twirl or two.. Next add butter through the food processor a time..plusing between adding butter. tart3Next add ice cold water One Tablespoon at a time..until it starts to form a ball.. you may not use all of the water.. watch the dough..after each addition of water.. once it comes together.tart4.stop adding water and let it twirl around. Remove dough from bowl and wrap in plastic wrap and put in refrigerator around 20 minutes.tart5 Put the toppings together while you wait!

Whole grain Brown mustard (enough to cover pastry)
Crushed garlic ( about 8 Tablespoons)
1 large onion sliced
8 mushrooms sliced
1 cup of cherry tomatoes sliced in half
1/2 Cup fresh loose spinach
1/4 cup shredded parmesam cheese, vegan cheese or nutritional yeast

In sauté pan add onion with a little bit of vegetable broth and sauté onions,tart11 once the onions are nice and soft add the mushrooms and cherry tomatoes..heattart12 , just until the tomatoes are heated through. tart13DO NOT OVER HEAT!! OR YOUR TOMATOES WITH BE MUSHY!!! Set aside to cook just a little..

Get your dough from the refrigerator and roll out the dough into a rectangle…it doesn’t need to be perfect. In fact you don’t want it to be.. It’s artisan…tart6
Once the dough is rolled out.. spread the Whole grain mustard over dough,tart7 next add chopped garlic,tart8 then add loose leaf spinach all over crust..tart14making sure to arrange nicely and breaking off any stems…next add the tomatoes, onion, mushroom mixture.tart17.making sure to drain the mixture before adding to the tart…if you like you can sprinkle cheese, vegan cheese or nutritional yeast over the top before baking. Once everything is in place on the tart..start at one end and roll up slightly..going in a circle motion all around the tart ( see example)tart19 Place on cookie sheet to bake. Bake until crust is golden brown.. around 25-35 minutes..tart20 remove and let sit 10-15 minutes before serving.tart28 ENJOY!
PS I love when my recipe is shared but please don’t copy it..Link back to my page! Thank you!

Homemade Baby Bella Ravioli Vegan Style

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Ravioli…just the thought of it makes my mouth water!!! I can see it now..the soft pillows stuffed with goodness on my plate..with a laddle of fresh basil and tomatoes flowing all over the tiny little pillows! OMG! GOODNESS! In each bite!

I must say I didn’t think I could eat ravioli on a plant based/Vegan diet.. but I figured it out! I made my own little pillows of fresh vegan dough..and the filling is veggies..mushrooms, onions and garlic goodness…for sauce I used diced fire roasted tomatoes..with garlic and basil…yumms!
Here is the finished Ravioli! Even my meat eating son ..loved these! Now that says something!!! Give them a try… I am going to come up with some more fillings..thinking spinach…sweet potato….bean???? I will post the updates on the fillings as I come up with them. Let me know if you tried these…and how you liked them!

Don’t let the dough stop you from making these..ravi6 I will let you in on a little secret…it was easy! Useing your food processor…thats it! Here’s how I did it..

2 cups oat flour in the food processor ..add a dash of salt and give it a I will share two different steps…if you don’t use Olive oil you can skip this step and go right to the water..
slowly add 3 teaspoons of olive oil..pouring slowly through the food shoot on your do the same with the water, a Tablespoon at a time..up to the one cup of water.. be patient.. you can watch as the dough comes together more and more with each tablespoon of patient..
it is important you do this..don’t just dump all the water in.. or it won’t work..! Once you see all the dough mixed into a ball..shut off and remove.
I let this set for 10-15 minutes so that I could make the filling..

6 Baby Bella mushrooms..chopped fine
1/2 purple onion diced fine
3 Tablespoons garlic
saute together until the onion and mushrooms are soft..set aside and cool

next divide the dough into two pieces..roll each out into a rectangle..the same size.
next , spread filling onto first piece of dough…
then place the second piece on top..
with a ravioli stamp ( they come in round and square) stamp across dough making ravioli…it goes fast!!

Place a large pot with water on stove and bring to a boil..drop in ravioli they will float to the top when they are done. Drain well…place on a platter and laddle sauce over the cooked ravioli!

2 cans fire roasted diced tomatoes
4 Tab fresh basil diced
4 Tab chopped garlic
1/2 cup chopped onion.

cook together and let simmer for around 30 minutes..then with an immersion blender..blend mixture until at least half of the diced tomatoes are smashed! Pour over cooked ravioli and enjoy!

This is a wonderful date night dinner..or Dinner party for the boss….no one will even notice it’s meatless!!


Orzo summer Salad

Orzo Summer Salad

This salad is a winner! What a great treat for summer… when the outside is heating up ..You can cool down with this wonderful fruit and veggie Orzo salad…Today when I created this recipe..It was one of those hot and muggy days outside.. after working in the yard I needed or wanted something cool to eat… so I used some of my wonderful fresh cucumbers(diced) and cherry tomatoes(cut in fourths) from the garden..But I knew I wanted more punch in my salad… so after I cooked some Orzo on the stove..
Rinsing under cold water to cool off…and put it in a bowl and place in the frig to chill…don’t skip this step… if you want a cold salad..
orzo4So Next I opened a can of mandarin oranges * little note here..check the can..some companies add sugar..make sure your’s has nothing but mandarin oranges* I cut the sections into, I had some fresh pineapple , so I sliced it up and added it to the mandarin oranges, cucumbers and sliced cherry tomoatoes..Now for a fresh lite dressing.. I mixed about four tablespoons of fresh lemon juice and 4 tablespoons of the fresh pineapple juice…set dressing aside…

Get your Orzo out of the frig…add your chopped veggies and fruit to the cooked Orzo…mixing well.. next pour the lemon pineapple dressing over the mixture..mix well….I put mine in the frig..for about an was wonderful!!! The crisp crunch of the veggies..with the sweetness of the fruit..make for a wonderful Summer salad! Chow!

Orzo Summer Salad

1 Cup cooked Orzo
1 cucumber diced
12 cherry tomatoes (cut into fourths)
1 can mandarin oranges ( cut in half)
½ Cup fresh pineapple (diced)
4 Tablespoons of fresh lemon juice
4 Tablespoons of fresh pineapple juice..

Cook Orzo, rinse under cold water, place in large bowl and chill
Dice veggies and fresh fruit..add to chilled Orzo..
Mix lemon and pineapple juice..and pour over salad..Chill at least one hour , over night if possible..

Skinny Tostada’s and Enchiladas


Today my son made “Skinny” Tostada’s and Enchiladas…. They were so good!!! And the fact they only have 2 points each was a Huge plus!!! This recipe is a keeper folks!!! Give it and see of you love it as much as us!!!


assembling the “Good” stuff”! Weight Watchers Mexican cheese

Tomato chopped

onion Chopped

Green Chilies

Enchilada Sauce

Mission Extra Thin Corn Tortillas

2 Chicken breast about 3 ounces each


                                                          Note:  Misson Extra Thin Corn Tortillas are 1 WW point each!!! Gotta love that!!!!!


First grill the chick with a little seasoning..we use Texas seasoning on just about EVERYTHING! Love it!! Remove from grill and shred, place in large bowl…add 1 chopped tomato , 1 small chopped onion, A bunch of cilantro , chopped and 1 small can of green chilies…..mix well with the shredded chicken.. add the enchilada sauce..about 1/3 of a cup ( it has zero WW points). ) if you need to you can add 1/2 cup to make it a little moist .When mixed well add 1/3 cup of Weight Watchers Mexican cheese..mix well..set aside..

For Tostada: bake needed about of  shells in oven at 350 for about 10 minutes or until crisp…

place 2-3 Tab of shredded chicken mixture into the middle of each shell …top with 1 teaspoon of WW shredded cheese. Place under broiler until melted ( or microwave for 8 seconds) will make 10-12 Tostada’s  2 points each

For Enchiladas : Soften corn tortillas in microwave about 20 seconds, so they don’t split when rolling… add 2-3 Tab of chicken filling in each tortilla and roll up, place in oven proof pan. continue until all shells needed are fixed . Top each tortilla in dish with 1 teas of enchilada sauce from remainder in can… in oven at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes.. when it comes out. top each enchilada with 1 teas cheese…

makes 10-12  2 points each…

Enjoy! Chow!


Kung Pao Chicken WW 6 points


Kung Pao Chicken was on our menu for dinner! And boy was it wonderful!!! Lots of stir fry vegetables..with some stir fry chicken , Chow Mein Stir fry noodles..and Kung Pao Sauce! If you love oriental’ve got to try our recipe!!! My son Michael is the WOK expert! So I was his side kick on this one!

1 bag of Asian Stir Fry vegetables… 1 cup 1 WW point

4 TAB of Panda Express Kung Pao Sauce  2 points

1 cup of Wel Pac Chow Mein Stir-Fry Noodles..6 points

6 ounces of fresh chicken cut into bite size chunks  4 POINTS

In separate kettle..heat water and cook noodles according to package direction.. drain and rinse with COLD water..set aside




Add a dash of olive oil in WOK and let heat up…add chicken and let cook….until just about done…add 2 cups of vegetables..stir until mixed with chicken… when  vegetables are done..add cooked noodles..mix well.. then add the Kung Pao Sauce..mix well with tongs…let sauce heat through…


Makes Two servings….6 WW points per serving

Micro Tip of the day!



Some people think health-conscious food is boring or bland.  But the truth is, flavor doesn’t always come with extra calories.

Try adding flavor to your dishes..with little to no extra calories or fat! Check out the list and give it a try!

Heat Even though you might not want to chew on a chili, that doesn’t mean you have to shy away from heat. Flavor and satisfaction often come from heat and a little can go a long way. Try new seasonal flavors from your local grocer or grow your own. Try toasting or roasting peppers for extra zip. In addition, spicy greens can also give you something different without the worry of rubbing your eyes with chili oil on your hands!

Acid Acids are sneaky. Even though it’s easy to think about using things like lemons and limes in your cooking, other citrus like oranges or even a basic vinegar can really pack a punch. They’re what give most store-bought dressings and sauces there kick, so make them work for you too!

Herbs Herbs are calorie free for the most part and are a sensational way to add a serious zing. Just make sure to bruise tough ones like rosemary to get the most bang for your buck. Plant your own and go crazy with those intense flavors!

Char Grilling, either indoors or out, is a great way to add something special to your food.

Salt Although weight loss doesn’t usually go hand in hand with salty foods, a sprinkle of good salt (heck, even basic kosher salt) can change a ho-hum dish to a holy moley dish!

Use fresh Herbs to add flavor to your food..instead of calories!!!

Spicy Chickpeas


I LOVE chickpeas…however my son needs some encouragement in this department…he “thinks” he hates them.. but this is coming from someone who eats those awful “corn nuts” by the bag full! So how can you not LOVE chickpeas I ask?
So in an effort to “create” corn nuts…healthy ones…I found this recipe for
Spicy Chickpeas online..and decided to give it my twist…

1 can of Chickpeas

1 Tab olive oil

1 1/2 Teaspoon of Hungarian Paprika
1 1/2 Teaspoon of Cumin
1 1/2 Teaspoon of Onion Powder
1 1/2 Teaspoon of Garlic powder
1 teaspoon Hot pepper flakes
1 teaspoon chili powder
1 Teaspoon garlic powder
Preheat over to 425 degrees…
Wash beans..and pat dry with a paper towel…in a bowl, mix beans with olive oil..set aside.. mix all spices
well and pour over beans in oil. Place parchment paper on baking dish and spread covered beans in single layer on pan..Bake for 45-60 minutes until brown and crispy. Half way through cooking time..use spatula and turn chickpeas once.
spicy chickpeas2

These are not for the faint at heart…they are spicy…and really pack a punch! If you don’t like yours that spicy.. I suggest you leave out the hot pepper flakes… these are a great snack..but they would also be wonderful in a place of croutons! BON APPETIT !

3 weight Watchers points for 1/2 cup serving..

Micro Tip of the day!

carrotsWhen preparing meals…cut up a piece of fresh fruit or vegetables and use it to nibble on.. it will help cut back on tasting the meal you are preparing and give your mouth a happy surprise..while keeping within your Weight Watchers Points!

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